Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Great quote!

I love my mom so much...She and my dad have been an incredible example to me in so many ways but especially in how they go about their marriage.

They just went to a marriage retreat this weekend and she sent me this great quote so I wanted to pass it along because it kinda has to do with what I was talking about in my post earlier today!

Watch your thoughts because your thoughts become your words.
Watch your words because your words become your actions.
Watch your actions because your actions become your habits.
Watch your habits because your habits become your character.
Watch your character because your character becomes your destiny.


Shannon said...

WOW is all I have to say. Talk about timing on this quote for me! Miss ya!

|| davidjay || said...

Miss you too darling! Great chatting the other day! Hope CA was good to you!

Natalie Joy said...

WOW! that was a seriously awesome quote! not only for marriage but just for life in genereal!

Lisa Christine Photo said...

I lovvve that quote! I used to have it up where I saw it everyday... I should bring it back :) Thanks for reminding me of it!

Ginger Murray said...

The quote is so true.

Nice job on running 2 miles... I would certainly draw attention to that. If I ran a block I would draw attention to that, ha:)

Jacquie Van Tichelt said...

Great quote. Thanks for sharing!!

Sarah Renée said...

Good quote is right!

Deyl said...

i love momma jay :)

Christine Vantol said...

Yes, I love this quote... It should be remembered more often. I listen to a preacher by the name of Creflo Dollar and this is exactly what he preaches all the time. I can't get enough! lol..you should check out his webpage at http://www.worldchangers.org if you want to hear more :)