Sunday, May 31, 2009


Parents, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

My folks went on a cleaning and fixing spree today! - I'm not
complaining. :) my pops is teaching me how to fix the leaky
faucet. We need some more parts so if you use this bathroom only the
hot water works. :)

Less pretty breakfast

Less pretty breakfast, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

:) yummmmm .... Sharkeez breakfast!

Friday, May 29, 2009


I need to eat more and lift some weights to get my weight back I'm starting today...with the eating part at least. ;) I nice little breakfast sandwich at Tre Lune. :) .... I actually think I like the ones at Starbucks better but Tre Lune is my favorite because it's just a cool place.

Wrong direction...

Wrong direction..., originally uploaded by davidjay13.

I guess I didn't eat enough yesterday! I'm gonna eat a big breakfast
right's funny because I didn't eat bfast for years and I
gained weight so maybe I shouldn't eat breakfast...I dunno...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Uhhh...whoaa, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

Definitely time to start adding weight again. I was 190 on the tour
and it's funny because I didn't look much different. My face was fat
but otherwise my body distributes the weight pretty well...but I
should be 175 so I gotta change my diet a bit and lift some weights
because this is way too low.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free Live Training Tomorrow!

Hey Everyone! I just read on OpenSourcePhoto that Jefferson Todd from Moka Design will be offering free live web design training tomorrow morning. He's an expert with Showit and so if you have questions or are in need of someone to help you build your site hit him up!

Click here for more info! or read below...

Rock on!


Jefferson Todd will be hosting a Q&A session tomorrow (wednesday) for any Showit Sites users or anybody interested in using Showit Sites for their website design.

The session begins at 10am PST (1am EST) and will last at least an hour. The session is limited to 20 users at one time, so be sure to login early or to try every 10 minutes to see if anybody has left.

You can even login using your iPhone or iPod Touch!

The room will be available HERE
10am PST (1pm EST) offers custom design services built on the Showit Sites platform.

Kindle keeps improving

The Kindleis the future of reading and I love the ability to search books for certain words as well as the ability to buy books instantly from anywhere. The Kindle uses cell phone networks to connect you to their store so you can grab a new book anytime you want.

...but what is super cool is that they just opened up auto-syncing of your highlights and notes online and that is sweet b/c before it was kind difficult to go back through on the Kindle interface and see what you had highlighted and it was even harder to share it...but now checkout some of my highlights from probably the best marketing book of all time.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Promise is Awesome!

Click here right now!!!

You have to go checkout my new friend Promise Tangeman! Wow! She's amazing! I'm so inspired by her and I think she probably has the best blog I've ever seen. I can't stop looking at it.

It's like creativity on crack.

There is EVERYTHING. Inspiration - Encouragement - Resources ... and just lots of good stuff!

I really liked her post on how to feel miserable as an artist. I think all of us have felt this way at times and she really nails why.

GO GO GO....stop wasting your time on my blog.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

805 Collective and Amy Hinden!

A mistake on my part. Amy Hinden's site was actually made by the great designers at 805 Collective. We all thought it was ours but I guess that's one of the great things about Showit is that your brand is on the forefront and Showit sites display you and your brand first and our technology is invisible. :)

Rock on Amy and 805 Collective. You guys are awesome!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


My buddy Mike Larson just sent me this awesome quote/prayer from John Maxwell.

"Lord as i get older I would like to be known as available more than a hard worker, compassionate more than competent, content, not driven, generous instead of rich, gentle over being powerful, a listener more than a great communicator, loving vs quick or bright, reliable and not famous, sacrificial instead of successful, self controlled rather than being excited, thoughtful more than gifted, I want to be a foot washer, I want to finish well."

Isn't that great!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Amy Hinden! Sweet Website!

This morning Jasmine Star sent me a link to Amy Hinden's new site and I love it! Checkout Amy's bio section which uses short video clips to make the page very dynamic and engaging! I LOVE it!

Speaking of video! Just today we are releasing our SmugMug and Vimeo video Widgets!!!! YEA! Now you don't have to worry about compressing or uploading or anything simply copy and paste the URL of your video on SmugMug or Vimeo and the video will play lightening fast right on your website! We just changed over Jasmine's video which used to be kinda chunky but checkout how fast it plays now!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dane Sanders Workshops!

Dane just finished his first of a series of workshops in Houston and it rocked! Look at this awesome crew! Dane is a phenominal photographer and in my book he is also one of the top educators in our industry... and the value he is bringing to these workshops is unmatched and there are a few spots left in a city near you.

Click here and sign up now b/c space is limited.

You get a ton of free stuff for signing up and one of the things is a free copy of his excellent book - Fast Track Photographer. This is a solid book so even if you can't make the workshop go buy a copy and read it b/c it will help you define yourself as a businesses person and an artist.

Rock on,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Virgin is better!

I love Richard Branson. We need more entrepreneurs like him. As all the american airlines continue to plummet into bankruptcy and keep pulling services, they have started charging for water for heaven's sakes, he steps in and creates the best airline our country has ever seen.

I've flown Virgin several times and it's unreal and now they are the first to add internet on every seat. United can't even figure out how to get an electrical plug working in their first class seats.

Good work Sir Richard Branson!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fix your Blogs Please :)

When I was in Russia they charge by the megabit for internet usage. Other places in the world function similarly and it's usually not a big deal but one thing I noticed is that there wasn't a chance I was gonna visit certain people's blogs who have them setup poorly. What I'm talking about is the blog page that never ends! Ya know those blogs that load and load and load and it's like the last year of this persons life.

If this is you FIX IT!

There's a setting that lets you set how many days to display - set it to seven days max...and if you're one of those people who likes to put 85 pictures in each blog post maybe set it to three days. After that let people use the archive to find what they want.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Home and Clean Shaven

When I got home my first objective was to get this rubbish off my face. :) I had forgotten my toiletries bag here in the U.S. when I left for Russia so I either had to learn how to shave with a blade or let it grow...I let it grow...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Young Life camp in Russia

It's always impossible to properly recap an experience but I have been journaling a lot of the last couple of days so I'll do my best to share.

Anyway, we flew in and then hopped on a bus with 10 or so other YL = Young Life leaders from all over Russia and drove 4 hours out to the Black Sea where this conference was being held. There we met up with 70 other leaders who devote their life to the youth of Russia...and they do this while not even being able to meet their own needs. Did I mention yet that Russia is expensive! Especially Moscow. The three bedroom apt we were staying in would cost between $15k - $20k (US) per month. - rent! Most people live in very beat down apartments outside of the city.

One sweet couple was pregnant and living in an apt with nothing. literally. nothing. Nothing for them and nothing for their new baby but they were plugging away. I've learned that Russia is a very hard place and when their isn't money people keep working without pay for months and months just to keep their jobs for when their is money.

So we got to camp in these little cabins and I was assigned to "Penthouse #2" which is what the sign on the key says which was this room. :) It was great and I can handle just about any living condition as long as it's on the extreme. To steal a line from Bono I'll say that I can live the highlife and the lowlife but not the middle. One of my roomates was "John Blond" who is a stud. He started a YL sports club and to help fund it he and some others started a dance club, a tagging school, and a break dancing club....and all their clubs have become known as the best of the best! They win awards all over Russia for their break dancing and 3000 people visit their club to dance and party without the drugs and sex that is commonplace at these raves. I was really impressed by him.

Each day they would have multiple training sessions. Some led by the Russians and some led by us. They ranged from building committees - fundraising - humor - yearly planning - etc... Gary asked me to share a little bit and I wasn't sure what I would talk on but one of the US leaders said to talk about creativity so I tried to encourage them to use their own unique abilities to find solutions to the problems they were facing. Most of the people who were there are part of the first generation of Russians who haven't had a communist childhood so they are looking at the world around them in new ways but probably don't feel the permission or the freedom to step out and try something new.

...and later that night they showed me just how creative they could be when they put the tightest nylon over my face and made me suck sweetened condensed milk through it!

Also, before each session they'd lead us in worship and wow are they ever talented. I recorded some of the music and I'll put up more videos when I get back to the states.

We got to play soccer while at the camp and it was so fun...but I played really bad. I think I made one good pass but luckily it was caught on video so I figured I'd post it up. :) .... it's a nice outside of the foot ball threading a couple defenders. Unfortunately didn't result in much but we still snuck out a 2-0 win vs. the Russians! Go USA! ;) I had one goal and an assist so I guess it wasn't that bad of a of day.

One afternoon I got to take some of them out for a little photoshoot at the black sea! 7 or 8 of us went and then we nominated a few models. Russia reminds me of the college I went to - Westmont - for every average looking guy there are 9 or 10 beautiful girls. :) Really .... it's phenomenal. It's not a lie what they say about Russian women. They are gorgeous.

So this morning camp ended and everyone said their goodbyes. Here are some more pictures...

Gary has an incredible way with these leaders and they absolutely cherish every second with him. When we were in St. Petersburg we went on a boat right with all of them right before we were leaving town. When we got off the boat we said our sad goodbyes and prayed with them and then hopped in the car to the train station. Seconds before our train pulled away up ran all the leaders to wave and say goodbye a second time! They had run a mile just to let us know how loved we were.