Sunday, June 03, 2007

Go Deyl Go!!!

My best friend Deyl is running a marathon today!

I couldn't be down there to cheer him on so I'm cheering here on my blog!

Go Deyl Go!!!

*Update* He finished in under 4 hours which means he ran every mile in under 10 min! Gnarly!!!! He's a machine!


Sarah Barlow said...

You mean you're not running it with him??? What's up with that? ;) lol!
Gosh everyone's around me is running marathon's I might just catch the bug again! Yikes!

Go Deyl!!:)

amber said...

hey is it in san diego? if so i think my cousin and uncle-in-law are running that too! or rAn it since its already over :)

Floyd Palitang said...

How funny...I think my sister-in-law and her dad and brother are running the same marathon!

Hybrid Photography said...

oooo I almost went to the Rock n Roll marathon today to take pictures....but I had a meeting at church so I didn't make it. Boooo. Next year maybe I'll RUN it. hah!

amynave said...

Deyl is amazing:) So when we race you and Brett on September 30th, Deyl is definitely on our team:)

Deyl said...

thanks for picking me up from the train... i could barely move