Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rockin Start!

Yesterday the Freedom Club took off! I am so stoked! I always thought there was a need for this but actually making it happen was quite a process and because it's such a new thing I wanted to thank you all for helping me get it dialed in. I'm planning to switch everything to Flash Video in the next month which will be really nice. I'm gonna put a lot into this place because I think this can be a great resource and a win-win for everyone.

I just checked and in one day there are already 436 members and 197 of you have subscribed to get all the cool stuff inside! Also, We went through 43 gigs of Bandwidth yesterday! LOL! ...and people from over 25 countries logged on! I knew this would be a hit internationally b/c it's so difficult for photographers in other countries to get our stuff shipped to them and so the web is a perfect way to distribute this.

Last night [b]ecker invited a group of us down to play poker before he heads to the World Series of Poker! Crazy - he's super good and I actually played really well last night and made it to final four which means I got my money back. Tim Halberg sneaked out a win on [b] after a stellar come back and won it all.

Me, Tim and AVG drove down from SB and got home at 4am so when I woke up I got to enjoy coffee in my new Maine mug that I got while hanging out with J Sandifer and Emilie Sommer at the Lobster Shack! Yum! You can see me holding my mug in the picture.

bye bye,


John said...

Incredible amount of hits in just one day- this is the amazing power of building community on the web with resources like OSP. My question to everyone is: wouldn't you like to have hits like this on YOUR site? If yes, then learn as much as you can from David Jay and JOIN THE FREEDOM CLUB TODAY!

Freedom is KEY.

Sarah Barlow said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited about this!
I finally got the chance to sign up! Looks amazing! Great job!:)

Nathan Sawatzky Photography said...

Hey man, your inbox is full on OSP..I had an email for you...not that you couldn't do with one less of those!

andrĂ¡s said...

wooohooo!! Hungary made it to the top 25, i can hardly believe it :) there are very few things in what we preform 'better' than Spain and France (combined!)

i like the idea freedom club, good to see that things can work in completely different ways than most people think here, in Hu.

Dawn Davis said...

Wow DJ this ROCKS! You are our inspiration! TRULY!!!! Can't wait to see you in Paris! ~ Dawn