Saturday, June 09, 2007


In the last year three of my closest friends have left their full time jobs to pursue more freedom in their life. It's been an incredible experience to watch them take this huge risk and succeed! ...and believe me...if they can do it SO CAN YOU. All these guys are as dumb as me but they're willing to step out and test themselves. They've given themselves a new challenge, a new adventure, and are finding a whole new level of fullfillment in their life as a result.

Deyl is the latest and I have no doubt he's going to make a huge difference in the world! His last day was yesterday and he was at my house at 9am getting papers signed for the house (he's representing me) and then he was off to work on another deal up north.

Ever since he resigned it's been like one celebration after the other and I have a feeling it's not going to stop. It's so inspiring to see people refuse security and pursue a higher level of success!

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Amanda Harris said...

Friday is my last day - I can't wait :)

Slideshows are awesome and easy to use - thanks so much for the tool.

Please write me: said...

I see this among many of my friends, or well the opposite. Many of my friends are in University and are there because they "should be". I think this is awful, because in ten years they are going to be stuck and wishing for a change. I have a lot of respect for people who will do what ever it takes to do what they love!

For me I take film production, hoping to come out to California to write screenplays and even become a director! Yup, it's crazy competitive but you have to try! Thanks David for always pushing people to do what they love!

Deyl said...

dumb as you? i'll take that as a compliment :)

Sara France Photography said...

Deyl I am so so so happy for you! Congratualtions!

Shyla said...

haha... I wouldn't call you or your three closest friends DUMB!

If you guys are "dumb", there is no hope for the rest of us!

Fed said...

I can't wait till I do the same, yet I'm so scared to take that step. I'm at the point I'm doing two full time jobs and I'm not able to put the time needed to get my photography business moving forward(website updates, business stuff...) This is a big step. Congrats Deyl. I wish I can get there, I'm starting to burn out but pushing forward.