Saturday, November 04, 2006

PhotoPlus 2006 Video

Well PhotoPlus 2006 was a blast! I had so much fun and I wish I could show you more but I forgot my charger so I only have video from the 1st couple of days.

The tradeshow was amazing and such a success. Gary Fong's booth was slammed all day every day and so was the Pictage booth! They both had to order in more stuff after the first day which is always a good thing!

I spent some time at the tradeshow but a lot of time just resting during the day and then hanging out with friends at night which is really why I came and one night Liana and Crystal came and we just drank coffee and hot chocolate in my room until like 2am and I just love the family that's been created and we talked about some fun things we want to do together next year.

Here are some pics below of old and new friends and there were lots of you that promised to send me pictures but I only have a few so send'em over so I can post'em up! :)

Nathan Holritz snapped this pic of us at dinner but come on man! Less of us and more of the ladies please! :) lol
Sofia Negron, Liana Lehman, me, Nathan Holritz

me and Matt Wagner

me and David Olde

Crazy Fong Booth!


amynave said...

First of all that black hat is great. Second thing, I'm freezing in Atlanta and I hope it's warmer in Tenessee. Seriously with all the stuff I packed you would think I had the right clothes for all types of weather, but nope.....:( I have to go shopping;)

Gavin Seim said...

Rock On DJ... Looks like tons of fun


Trevor Meeks said...

LOL the intimacy kit... gotta love it.

Shyla said...

Intimacy kit?! HAHA...LOL!
wow. I must say that was the best part!! DJ...about that scarf.....


Liana said...

Haha. Nah uh you didn't!! I'm headed down to pick up Crystal from the airport any minute now and she's gonna freak/glisten when she sees this!!

Do you need me to bring the scarf & gloves to TN for you too? When u get to ATL you can have your pick from all kinds of fun "accessories"!! ;-P

Sofia Negron Photography said...

glamorous baby glamorous! Had a blast...can't wait to hang again!

c r y s t a l said...

Oh geeze! Liana told me I had to check this out!!! You're soooo getting it!!!!!

I don't know who the bigger dork and my terrible accent or you in your FABulous scarf and gloves! ;) Did you EVER get yourself a jacket? If not, you better do it now. Atlanta is COLD!!!!

See you soon!

Melissa Carl said...

WOW! Yeah... Gary left me at the booth to go hang out with Denis Reggie...but then again I snuck out of the booth more than once. hee hee!

Holritz Photography said...

Gotta love my big head! :)

- Nathan

Darlene said...


Missed hanging out with you guys this year, and I have to agree, I laughed out loud about the intimacy kit. ROFLMAO

Amy you think it's freezing in Atlanta - come up here to Canada. It's snowing again tonight!