Friday, November 17, 2006

Kailee is sweet :)

***EDIT**** Charles just informed me that the pic I had posted here was not of Kailee! Ah! hahaha! Sorry. It's so funny though because that picture is all over the blublog so I just assumed it was her.
Kailee always makes me blush a little bit when I read her posts so I figured I'd post her picture up here and show everyone how gorgeous she is and maybe make her blush too!

Click here
to stalk her
(and read what's up with Jack!)


Charles Bordner said...


That picture is of Lauren Clarke isn't it?

|| davidjay || said...

WHOA....HAHAHA...thanks dude! How embarassing.

That pick is attached to almost every post on the blublog so I just assumed it was her!

laurenclark said...

Hi David. That made me blush, even though I'm not Kailee. Nice to meet you!