Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tim Sanders is Cool!

As many of you know Dane gave me a copy of Tim Sanders book, Love is the Killer App, a couple of years ago and his philosophy of escaping the life of scarcity and living in abundance totally changed my life!

He's become a huge hero of mine and earlier this year I went out to Chicago to watch a Maximum Impact Simulcast that he was a part of.

So what an honor it was to have him thank me on his blog! I couldn't believe it.

Click here and give him some love for all that he's shared and for the way he's changed the biz culture today by encouraging business people to love those around them and share their knowledge.


Anonymous said...

lol I actually just got done reading that book before I started The E Myth. Your reading list rocks DJ. :)

|| davidjay || said...

I got most of it from Tim Sanders! haha! Seriously!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these recomendations David. We just finished the E Myth and are about to start of this one. What a cool thing to get props from Tim. made you feel "Secretly warm and wonderful inside" didn't it!! :)

Anonymous said...

lol that's funny. Makes sense though!