Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Once again a special thanks to Matt Antonino who is the OSP doctor! :) He also has admin access so he can help you with stuff if I die. Sweet! I'm so glad we're back!

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Anonymous said...

I concur with Matt. Please don't die. haha

Jim Davis Hicks said...

matt, you rock!

theshotshot. said...

dang dj...you got some major props from tim sanders for referring him so many hits yesterday!

thanks for the new blog to add to my bookmarks bar too. i plan on buying some of tim's books really soon.

i really appreciate your awesome suggestions here on your blog!

Katherine said...

In a way...it was kinda good that the forum was down Deej...a lot of people said they actually got some work done! :P

Anonymous said...


what's with this "if i die" comment?