Wednesday, November 01, 2006

W - New York

Ok so I made it to NY! I like New York. Especially this time b/c I don't have a ton of things I have to do and I'll be able to hangout with my friends more!

So I came to check in and the lady says "sorry your card was declined." It's so embarrasing when that happens (especially when the girl is cute) and I don't carry any balance on my card so I always know that it's Queensberry. Every time they charge an album it locks up my card because they are in New Zealand and I don't like to use other cards b/c I want the miles but I might have to because this is just annoying and they don't even notify me when it's locked up so the way I have to find out is to have a purchase declined and then I call them and they unlock it. Lame. Gary keeps telling me to go American Express.

Ok well...all is good now.


Anonymous said...

DJ- You need to roll with the bankroll, brother! Cold, hard cash!

Seriously, though... you ought to check out Dave Ramsey's podcast- teaches you how to live life without using credit.

(Imagine the impression you'd leave on that cutie at the counter, "Oh, no problem... can you break a $1000?")

|| davidjay || said...


I think Ramsey's idea is good for people who get into debt with credit cards which is a bad bad bad idea but like I said I don't carry any balance and the fact of the matter is that living without credit is actually not a good idea because I could only imagine what they would say if I went in to buy a house having never had any credit accounts.

It's just important to define good debt and bad debt because there is a big difference and the people that can handle the pressure and responsibility that comes with good debt have much greater potential.

|| davidjay || said...

:) I'm a big fan of Dave Ramsey too.

...also, I didn't ever say "good credit or bad credit." ... I said good "debt" ....I also said that it's a good concept for most people but if you want the freedom to leverage large amounts of money you're gonna have to show banks and investors that you can handle having a credit card.

Neither way is right or wrong but I think one way gives more options and with options come responsibility and the possiblity of making bigger mistakes.


Grazier Photography said...

Fong's right! Amex has cards with miles. And if you apply for it through your bank (rather than online) you'll probably get a much better deal! Our bank offered us more miles AND a point off the interest rate for auto payments from our checking account.


Tim Co. said...

oh wow...same thing keeps happening to me I thought I was the only one!

I was so embaressed to be declined at the LAX mcdonalds lol...and yea the girl in line next to me was cute :-(

Anonymous said...

something to think about....

Studies have shown that when two different people walk into a store to buy the same kind of consumer electronics item, the one paying with a cc will spend 30-40% more (ie a better or nicer one) than the one paying with cash.

Anonymous said...

DJ- Like Gary I'm an AMEX fan...unlike Gary, my card is the rank-and-file turquois version (maybe one day I'll have the Amex black card). Enjoy the W (cool vibe there, and nice robes)

John said...

Gary's right, bro- you should go Amex like the rest of us! VISA/MC ARE SO LAME!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to finally meeting you in person at the Expo!

Anonymous said...

i am in the towncar on the way to the hotel. DJ does your mileage plus card give you double miles0/ the reason the mp card was a bummer was because it had a cap.

Anonymous said...

that was me... gary. i put my name down... weird. i never carry a balance and amex wont let you. CCs are fantastic if you are responsible. Dave Ramseys advice is good for the baby steps... but after that his investing tips I would actually strongly advise against. strongly

Darlene said...


Not all visa cards do that - just find a better one that doesn't. We had another client that his card was charging him a 5% foreign orders surcharge and he thought that was standard. I saved him hundreds a year by telling him to change visas.

Seriously, there have to be other ones that give you air points and don't lock up your card. Mine doesn't do that.