Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ed or ING

Tim Sanders is the man! He always gets stuff right on the money and so I always read his blog!

I am super careful who I get into businesses relationships with because it's kind of like a marriage (not that I know what that's like) but you definitely are bound to the people you're in business with and so all of my biz partners are people I've known for a long long time and so I know their work ethic and character.

As I start more and more businesses with different people I can't always spend a ton of time getting to know everyone involved and so one of the ways I filter people is by this same "ed or ING" principle.

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Anonymous said...

great true. you got me to click on tim's blog and spent quite a bit of time there. i'm gonna be hooked on yet one more thing.

thanks AGAIN for sharing!!

Shyla said...

whoa!...trippy... I just had a conversation with some people at work the other day about this idea. I never thought of it as "ing" and "ed" type people... Thats brilliant! I am so excited!

We weren't talking about it in the business sense...we were talking about it in the relationship sense and how as a girl it's attractive when you find a guy who (as Sanders put it) is a -ed guy instead of an -ing guy!

It just goes to show that wether its realtionshiip or business, its all about who you are

Shyla said...


(Apparently I fail to spell well when I type fast)