Sunday, November 26, 2006

What F are U?

You've gotta check out Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba's new book "Citizen Marketers"

If you came and saw me on the tour or at WPPI last year you'll remember this "Word-of-Mouth" and "Word-of-Mouse" slide.

It's from McConnell and Huba's 1st book "Creating Customer Evangelists" and It's in every presenation I give because I believe understanding this new way of marketing is what will determine your success - especially in our industry!

So if you're looking for Christmas presents pick up both copies for someone and they'll thank you!

In their new book and on their blog they talk a lot about social media and how it relates to the spreading of ideas and how everything is becoming democritized. It's crazy cool to think about this stuff and to realize that we're at the beginning of a whole new world of media and marketing.

They talk about the "F's" of social media networks and that's where I got the title of the post from. You can go to their blog to learn more.


amynave said...

WOW.... You've mentioned five books that I need to read this month:) I better get going.

P.S. I think I fall under the category of fanatics, but hold on let me double check:)

Anonymous said...

[ b ] fanatical!

Anonymous said...

thanks dj. we are asking for book gift certificates this christmas!!! we have tons to look into.

Dane Sanders said...

Buy it for yourself and someone you know who would read and employ the ideas. The investment you make in others will come back ten fold. DJ is proof of that!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your comment. didn't even know you read my site! comment anytime you want on photos just, or i guess tell me whats good and bad. ;)

hope to hear from you soon.