Friday, November 03, 2006

Astonishing Stats!

I heard a good quote the other day that went something like,

"Successful people get ahead in the time that other people waste."

(which makes me feel a little guilty for sleeping in until noon yesterday and then taking a nap all afternoon today but I haven't been feeling great...)

...and one of my favorite blogs to read is my buddy Brett Austin's! He's always got cool random stuff to put up there and today he put a post about an article in Time Magazine which talks about how Americans spend their free time and it was astonishing to me that the national average for TV watching per day is over 3 hours higher than time spent reading.

I don't even own a TV and I flipped on the TV here in the hotel yesterday and I couldn't even find anything interesting to watch for even 5 minutes so what could people possilby watch for 3.5 hours everyday?


Anonymous said...

well, not to put a damper on the tv watching... but the wife and i were watching our tivo the other night (lost, the office, reno 911, ali g., and survivor) that is 2.5 hours of quality tv with the wife. well of course a sporting game would put me over the limit. but we got to love some good american tube sometimes.

btw, you need to read, "why do men have nipples." sounds weird but is very great reading. (sorry it's the name of the book, i swear.)

Brett Austin said...

I wish I could train my brain to remember quotes like you do... every person worth listening to can always pull out a quote to sum up their point of view.

I think we gotta hand it to the women who are beating up on the men in the things that will really get them ahead in life:

- socializing (networking)
- reading

Anonymous said...

Apparently you havent discovered good prime time tv! ;)

Lloyd said...

I have trouble sitting for more than 30 minutes infront of a TV. (except watching playoff hockey..) There are so many other things to do. haha oh well.
Hope you get better soon DJ!!

Unknown said...

I don't do any of those things. I just work!!!So sad

Unknown said...

But with the help of my new membership to Pictage, My life is going to change!! Right??

Jim Davis Hicks said...


keep up the reading. i love your quotes.


Melissa Carl said...

....starting at the beginning of the day....

#1 The View (having Rosie on there gives it a new twist on rebublican vs democrate

#2 OPRAH- she is AMAZING! she does amazing things for this country and it's so interesting to watch the things she has going on. It's like reading her blog everyday. I wish she would run for president.

#3 LOST - umm can't get more interesting than that

Those are just 3 shows... I could go on...

Unknown said...

I'm totally with you on the TV thing. The only thing I watch are Gary Fong videos and Photovision DVDs (and Dancing with the Stars when my wife really wants me to be there).

I use the TV more for showing potential clients my slide shows than anything else.