Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Chicago Wedding!

Incredible! I've been able to meet so many wonderful families through my career as a wedding photographer and the two families from last weekend rank at the very top! I was honored to be involved in Talia and Anthony's wedding and have the opportunity to spend time with their wonderful families! They had a gorgeous wedding downtown at the Four Seasons and Brad Person came out from Minnesota to shoot with me and we had a blast! I pulled in the singer from the band for this shot because a shot of just me and Brad wouldn't cut it. :)

and of course here's the slideshow! Yea!

:) Enjoy!


Brad Person said...

You rock, man. It was a great time! Way cool to have the opportunity to learn first hand from the master :)
Thanks again for inviting me along!
Blessings, -BP

OpenSourcePhoto said...

Haha! I learned from you man!

So awesome hanging out!

Natalie said...

Awesome shots!!

The Four Seasons rocks!!

your boss said...

nice slide show dj!When will you be off your computer?lets play dogfighter

OpenSourcePhoto said...

Thanks boss! :) Always workin hard for you! :)

Sarah Barlow said...

...stop looking over my shoulder!! haha!!
Sweet shots!!! LOVE the motion one!!!

ole said...

love the photos dj. so when do i get to shoot with u? glad both of your babies are working. and your prediction about the girl was on the money.

Sarah Renée said...

Aww Four Seasons... what a great place :)