Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shadow of the day

I relate a lot to this video right now. I feel like there is craziness going on all around and I'd be lying if I said it didn't affect me but there is also a calmness inside because ever since my career starting to get put in the spotlight I've had to deal with people saying negative things about me.

So what I believe is that as long as I keep trying to help others that will show through. I'm certainly not always perfect but I've had the chance to meet thousands of you and am looking forward to continuing moving forward.

Keep rocking everyone!


Bobby Earle said...

Mark me down as someone who now is able to support his family through photography because of DJ's help. That might not mean much to some, but it means a hell of a lot to me!


David White said...

I've been a fan of yours for a couple of years. You have created a celebrity lifestyle with your talent as a "giving" photographer. You're in the spotlight now and subject to deal with potential yahoo blowhards. Don't be so tough on yourself. This crap can happen to anyone. Don't let the negativity of a few effect you when the masses are with you and your message.
As you say, "Rock on" my friend !

Brandi Tejeda said...

Keep your head up DJ! You are totally in the RIGHT here!

Daniel J. Watkins said...


I think it's time to hire a publicist. "Free yourself" from the sweating small stuff. :)

All the best,


Unknown said...

While I may have done something different in your shoes with regards to the show in which you were already at the hotel - everyone makes their own decisions and has to live with the consequences.

That being said, keep your head up. You've touched and helped so many people in this industry with your giving and good hearted actions.

DJ - you are a class act. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Rock On.

cu4photos said...

DJ, this too shall pass. I'm so sorry for everyone involved. What a mess. I know how much you give...you helped me so much...long before I actually ever met you.

Dawn Davis said...


Marie Moyers said...

As to the people who have negative things to say about you.... remember that back in the bible times, a caravan would come through town with music, pots, pans,and all kinds of things hanging off the wagons kids running around singing.... all the dogs from the neighborhood would come out and bark, snapping at the wheels.... but the caravan had a destination... a purpose... and it did not stop and address the barking dogs!!!
Keep going, you are doing a good thing, you are making a difference in many peoples lives. Ignore those that "bark" negative things at you.... cause "who" you are will always shine through the verbal trash!!!

Stephen Grant said...

Damn, I was hoping to get Rick Rolled!

Keep on smiling. This will pass.

Darrell Duggan said...

You have inspired and given hope and more, to me and others than you can ever possibly imagine.

This is one of the reasons you are doing what you do. It is a destiny for you, whether you realize it or not.

Now, get to work on getting that Showit Web software update... :)

Tim Ray said...

DJ - It's obvious that you were taken advantage of and did nothing wrong, so keep up the good work. These two knew how many people they had signed up, and how important your time is to you, yet continued to string you along.

Ann said...

Deej: You wouldn't be human if this didn't affect you in some way. You're strong!

One of the things that makes you so wonderful, is the fact that when we met during FTS Dallas, you talked to me as though we were friends, even though we hadn't met before. Thanks. I look forward to many more. :)

Anonymous said...

aww. If there's ever a good time to finally pipe up and leave a comment after being a fan of your blog, among everything else you do, it's now...

You are so amazing and all the craziness that's happened the last week will just be another bleh memory to learn and grow from.

You've inspired SO many people and have certainly been my own inspiration of "helping yourself by helping others". Your selflessness is much to be admired!

Cheers to you DJ, and keep rockin on with your awesome self! ;)

Shannon said...

you are sooo strong!!

Rodolfo Arpia said...


Amanda Key said...

I only had a brief encounter with you at the Houston Freedom Workshop--and I could tell right off that you are a class act. You are amazing!
Remember...People who do not stand for something will fall for anything.
You did the right thing.
Amanda Key

Ginger Murray said...

A lot of the haters don't know you, DJ. They think that just because your name is known in the photography world that you have an ego, that you don't have feelings, and that you're all about fame and money--- None of which is true. It frustrates me so much that people talk about you that way. You do so much good in this world for many.

You can learn from it, but shake it off... God has big plans for you, and you need to keep moving forward...I'm so glad that you are.:)

Be blessed.

Josh Newton said...

DJ is the main reason I'm a photographer and he has given so much to me over the years. One of the best in the world became a friend the first time I met him and he has helped me out incredibly ever since. His friendship and inspiration is irreplaceable and I could not be more grateful. Photography has blessed me with a life that I love - it has stretched me as a person, broadened my horizons, and given me a life of freedom and passion.

After I graduated I went from being a biochem major to a successful photographer and businessman in under a year. And its because one guy decided to go against the grain and share his knowledge with anyone willing to learn. Photography is now all I do, so mark me down as well Bobby ;) DJ has used his success as a means to help other photographers flourish and because of that attitude and philosophy, thousands have benefitted. And what's more is I've been able to pass what I've learned to all my friends and colleagues and this has caused a pretty sweet ripple effect. And I'm sure this story isn't rare =)

I will back you up any day bro, you have my respect!


Although... I would have to say that my one problem with DJ is that he thinks he's better than me at jiujitsu and little does he know I just took it WAY easy on him the first time... so the only thing I have to say is good luck with the next round ;)

Carl Reid attached@mac.com (416) 414-1414 said...

Hey DJ

I'm so sorry to hear about your unfortunate event in Toronto. For what it is worth, I attended your NY workshop and I found you to be a straight up and genuine person.

I'm not sure if you remember me but we spoke briefly after the session where I mentioned I came to see you speak from all the way Toronto, Canada.

Ironically I was going to approach you about a workshop I'm hosting with a couple of your photog colleagues. But I know now is not the time. Instead, I would like to get your insight/advice to ensure that the photographers I'm dealing with are treated with the respect and fairly compensated for their hard work. If feel up to it give me a shout and I'll call you back to discuss further.

Stay strong dude.

Carl Reid
Attached Photography
416 414-1414

Jason Albright said...

I think it's about time for you to take a rock climbing camping adventure in Texas...

Syed SYPhotography said...

Dude - you know I love you and so do maaaannnyyy others. Forget this crazy stuff. You have done so much good for the wedding photography industry and unfortunately that also comes with some jealous people.

Hope to see you in NYC at the PhotoPlus Expo.

ROCK ON !!!!

Paula Herko said...

dj... here is a verse that God has been using in my life lately:

Surely God is my help; the LORD is the one who sustains me! Psalm 54:4

Hold onto His promises, keep your head up and remember who is holding you in His hand!


Theo Tran said...

DJ, don't let this get to you. I know what you did was difficult, but after giving yourself to the Free to Succeed tour and generously volunteering to help with the other tour, I think that you deserve a little more respect and consideration.

It is sad a lot of photographers will not get to see the generous David Jay that many of us on the Free to Succeed tour got to meet. I know that if all the people who are saying negative things about you had the chance to sit down and talk to you for just fifteen minutes, they would take back everything that they said. So just know that a lot, if not all, the people that you met and helped from your Free to Succeed tour supports you. Take care.

Sublime Studios said...

Hey DJ! We met at your Orlando stop and I have to tell you your conference was amazing. You were so humble and informative. I have been watching lately the last few days what has been going on, and I just wanted to encourage you to keep going! You have been put in almost a place of leadership in the photography community, and you have such a huge ability to influence people in the right direction. Don't let these things that people are saying discourage you or get you off track. They do not even know you- they do not know what kind of person you truly are. We both know that God has blessed you and your business for a reason.. he has something in store for you-something he wants you to do! So just keep going and know you have so much support from people who appreciate the time you have given these last few months. Have a great day!

Courtney Craver

Hanagraphie said...

I believe this is an opportunity for you to take a step back and take a breather, collect your thoughts, reflect on what just happened and why, then move on with your plans. You have much to offer and folks waiting for your input with their businesses. Personally, I feel blessed even to know you and I know many other do as well... so don't loose faith and keep doing what you do best... connecting with your community. Hope we can get together soon...Love to meet Allie ;)



Deyl said...

i have known you for a decade, and until this day you are still probably the most generous person i have ever met. don't forget that and don't take it lightly. you have changed many lives, including those of Paige and I

Jalene Nichole said...

DJ you are an amazing man of God with so much a character and genorosity. You've touched so many peoples lives and like everyone here said keep your head up! Don't let the negative stuff tear you down it's hard because we are human but with God all things are possible! It's because of you that I am pursuing my dream as a photographer and I constantly thank God for you and remember you in my prayers!

jeramy sossaman said...

you're an easy one to take a shot at david. that doesn't mean you deserve it. your model of integrity is worth watching. hang in there!

Unknown said...

DJ Like you allways say rock on! keep looking forward dude you are a great guy(even though I have never met you I read your blog thats how I know you are a great guy) if we look back all the time we will never go forward.

nikongrrl58 said...

I knew from the moment I shook your hand at the FTS tour in NY that you were a kind, humble and giving person; and after listening to you openly share yourself with everyone there, I was not disappointed.
Please don't let the negative comments of a few detract you from the person you really are. You are a far better person than those misguided few.

Michael + Anna Costa said...

Yike! So sorry to hear about all this nonsense. We love you to death!!

Anna + Michael

kennykimdotcom said...

I'm still trying to figure out how DJ surpassed me on the facebook friends count. :)

You da man DJ. We love you.

Melissa Jill :) said...

David--I continue to appreciate your honesty and transparency. I'm SO sad that people say negative things about you because you for sure are so awesome and don't deserve that. It's helpful for me to also hear how you deal with it though, because I'm running into that a bit too. Not fun but I guess it's a hazard of the job and also just being human. Thanks for not letting those people crush your spirit or cause you to want to stop giving. You're awesome my friend!

Unknown said...

I think you should get a bunch of tattoos like the guy in the video :)