Thursday, September 04, 2008

Please Pray for Jasmines Mom

My life was forever changed when Jasmine and her family came into it and those of you who have met them understand what I'm talking about.

Please take a moment to pray for them right now.

Click here to go to Jasmine's blog for more details.

Blessings to all of you,


Dawn Davis said...

Dear Lord, I ask that you put your hands on Jasmine's mom, remove the negative toxins from her body and heal her from within. Wrap your arms around this family and guide them through this difficult time. Bring them peace and salvation. Thank you for always hearing my prayers! Amen. ~ Dawn

All our best, out thoughts and prayers to you Jasmine and your beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

For SURE! Maybe she have the good lord on herside and help her though this time. Thinking of them all.

jeramy sossaman said...

done! thanks david.

Emmanuel Speciale said...

Hey David, I am sick to now, I understand what Jasmine and her family feel...
i will live in Montréal, see you there !
Bon Courage Jasmine !

cassandra-m said...

DJ...I found Jasmine's blog over a year ago through you. I've not met her yet, but draw continuous inspiration through her posts. I agree she is a blessing!! Many prayers are with her & her family. I think she feels better knowing how many people are supporting her & sending prayers. Also, I was very sad that I missed u last night in Orlando (bad weather here)...But I did purchased the DVD online. And I am excited, Yea, Jasmine will be on the DVD ;) best to you always.