Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Showit Web on Facebook!

You all know how powerful Facebook is and one of my biggest accomplishments was when I got more friends on Facebook than Kenny Kim! Woohoo! Yea! We have a great new FREE addition to Showit Web (and more to come)

Now you can add a "Slideshow" page to your Facebook page and put all your Showit Web shows in there!

Click here and check it out on my page!

Rock on!


mary elizabeth said...

Hi DJ,
Denver in the house--loved your stop in our town (i gave you my card afterward--maybe you remember me!) Anyway-is the new free showit web anything different from the one i bought after the seminar? I have been having such a rough time using it (SmugMug doesn't allow FTP). And I can't figure out how to use it on facebook. Do you have any more info?
Also--did you guys give away the shootsacs you promised to once the tour was over? Just curious--I am DYING for one!
You rock!

WILL said...

Hey DJ,

I was at the Nashville meet-up and learned a lot. Thanks for everything you are doing.

Got the showitweb product and got it up on facebook. Is there a way to do tagging so it automatically shows up on other peoples facebook pages?

Unknown said...

You had the same goal i had to get more friends on facebook than kenny kim.

Brad Person said...

Hey DJ. This is awesome. My clients will love displaying their baby slideshows to their pages. How do you post shows? I was able to add the "slideshows" tab to my page but need help with instructions on how to post shows. Thanks man!!! -BP :)

Rodolfo Arpia said...

Done dude! Cool stuff!

Brad Person said...

Found it. Click the ShowIt logo in the "applications" tab once you've added the app to your profile, then follow the instructions to upload a show. Thanks, DJ!!! Great new feature!!!

Matt Hall said...

Can this actually be a good thing about the new layout?! I have hated it until now.