Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Click here to see our latest Style Group for Showit Sites called Regeneration!

My dear friend Crystal Goss (who's new Showit Site is coming soon!) just shot an insane wedding in Scotland and she gave me the inspiration for our latest Style Group called Regeneration!

Let me know if you like it and you can download it straight inside the app and of course it's a free addition for all the Showit Sites users out there. :)


mary elizabeth said...

I attended Denver tour stop and loved it. I bought Show It Web and haven't been able to use it (no idea how to work the FTP), bought Brilliant for LR and some textures too.
Now I need a web site and am so overwhelmed with choices. Since I am such a good customer--can you help me by telling me why Show It sites is the way to go for me? I need a good website with flash abilities, storage of galleries and, of course FTP. Sell me on this so I can get movin'! (Katie Humphreys keep pushin' this to me too!)
Mary Beth Graff

|| davidjay || said...

Hey Mary :)

The biggest reason Showit Sites has separated itself as a website solution is b/c it allows you to have a website that is unique and different from other photographers.

In my opinion a website should be something that you can build upon and as your business adapts and grows so can your Showit Site. But with a template you have to completely recreate yourself from the ground up as soon as you get bored or feel stuck with it.

I know you will love it!

Ginger Murray said...

A wedding in Scotland... AMAZING. I'd be in heaven.

I like that you could customize the background so that it matches your style/logo/brand. Cool feature.

Bobby Earle said...

Dude! That thing is soooo good :)