Thursday, September 04, 2008

Do Slideshows and a determined volleyball player!

I can't wait for the show tonight! We had yesterday off and are gonna have a killer time tonight!

I also saw that Becker just made a post and a video about slideshows and the incredible success he's had doing these things so go check it out over on the [b] school blog! You can see in live action him doing the slideshow and how powerful these things are. It has baffled me that at every group I meet with for the past 3 years I've talked about doing these slideshows and consistently only 5% of the photographers there are actually doing them. So huge props to those photographers that actually put their knowledge into action and create results!

I'm also very sad but Jasmine* is not gonna be able to make it out to any of the final shows but we are going to offer all the attendees a video of her presentation because it's super good and so you all get me in person and then in the next month we'll be sending just those who attend a video of Jasmine's presentation and in the meantime you can see a quick video of her in her lulu lemon outfit. I know she really likes lulu so I thought she'd like me to put up this video.

Rock on!


cu4photos said...

So sad Jasmine can't make it, but I've very excited to see you and Allie. ~Cindy

terri said...

see you in a few hours - can't wait !!
just bought the dvd of the show last night with the $20 discount ( thank-you) i guess i will now see jasmine 2x in video !!! awesome ....thanks for all you do :)

L Renee Studio said...

Will the people who attended in Indianapolis get the video of Jasmine?

jeramy sossaman said...

DANG! you called her out....on the internet.

Anonymous said...

OMG that is so wrong... I hope she gets you good.... lol

that being said... that was a riot... lol

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Are you gonna make a DVD for the people in cities that weren't on the tour?

I'd be the first to buy it!


Jasmine said...

you will DIE a thousand slow deaths for posting that video!!! you're a jerk to the Nth degree!!!!

kennykimdotcom said...

I think Jasmine took the term "sideout" literally on that serve. :) At least she looked good in her outfit doing it. :) You rock Jasmine!

|| davidjay || said...

Oh Jasmine...I thought you'd want to see it! :)

Dan - you bet - we actually launched it in our newsletter a few days ago so hop onto to see the trailer and preorder!

Rock on!

cassandra-m said...

that video made me smile...I needed that. thanks for sharing. she is so funny.

cassandra-m said...

PS...Will Jasmine's presentation be on the FreeToSucceed DVD?

Melissa Pearce said...

thanks for posting becker's running through the slideshow. helpful to see it in action and i missed this post on the b school blog.