Friday, October 20, 2006

Faith and Ryan's Wedding in AZ

Gorgeous couple!

Click here to see the Showit Slideshow!


Mike said...

DJ, loved the slideshow! Those two sequences of the bride looked like a lot of fun, and the shot of groom and guys from low and high angles really cool. Incredible shot of them by the lamp! Looks like they had quite an interesting and emotional ceremony!

His Creations Photography said...

My persoanl favorite is the #22 where the bride is washing the grooms feet and he is obviously very moved. What an incredibly humbling moment and captured so well. Of course all the others are amazing too...but that one really stuck out tome. In your photos the church looks like it didn't have much light to offer. Was it difficult shooting there?

ron said...


Great job...I am sure that you were moved for the very same reason that Damion said above. Thanks for sharing this video and may God continue to bless you because you have blessed us so much.

Torey says hi and thanks!


colinmichael said...

Great work DJ, that outside at night shot of them with the off camera light--beautiful.
I also love that you did a David Jay Logo shot of them, that is too fun! It is amazing that you can convey emotion through a silhouette, that takes talent. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Great Job... , loved the slideshow!

Ben Dodds said...

Amazing work again! I love the shot in the street and the one under the street light.... as always, your stuff is so inspiring...


|| davidjay || said...

Hey thanks guys!

It was pretty cool b/c we had to shoot ALL the shots of the two of them after the sun had went down so that was a new challenge but I love what we got!

Mary Jane said...

Love, LOVE the middle of the road shot! Excellent point of view, color and leading lines... I know you planned all that out before you took it right?

Did someone from Brooks teach you that? LOL.

Miss you.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! awesome slideshow!!!!
I think that is soooooo cool that the they washed each others feet!!!! WOW.
that last shot is awesome!! that shadow kinda looks like you:) ;)

Come home!!

Anonymous said...

That guy totally looks like you logo in that shillouette shot!

Anonymous said...

You rock these are so awesome!!!!