Monday, October 16, 2006

San Diego Wedding

I realized I never showed you guys the pics from San Diego!

It was a wonderful wedding and the bride was a friend of mine from college and sorry I don't have any dancing pics in the slideshow because the bride and the groom were the most amazing dancers and so the reception was really fun!

Also, I got to shoot with Michael Boardman and Amber Dawn! I had never met Amber before but she's a sweetheart and Michael was in my last Brooks workshop. They are great! ...and when you guys get your websites up let me know so I can post a link.

CLICK here for the slideshow!

Enjoy! I already put the slideshow up from last weekend but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see'em. :)


Anonymous said...

Seriously AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Love the surfboards:)
U rock!

Shannon said...

Omgosh KC looks beautiful!! I cannot believe she was our connection! What would we do without her! Please tell her congrats DJ!!

Michael Boardman said...

DJ, Thank you again! Check out my blog (, there's a little story about you saving the phone.. (Sorry for posting those pictures..) :P

My website is:

You are the man!


Keats Elliott Photography said...

Can I ask you something stupid? I love how you always get shots that are from so far away. I feel like sometimes, I'm so busy "up close" that I forget to even look at the BIG picture. How / when do you get those shots. Any advice? Everytime I see your slideshows I feel like -- I'm looking at my events through a micro scope instead of from a big picture window. Wondered if you could help...

Sarah Barlow said...

Love the slideshow!!! Looks like such an amazing wedding!! Those surf boards are awesome!!

Jim Davis Hicks said...


I'll answer my thoughts on the far away shots. You just have to be intentional and it really helps if you carry two bodies, one with the up close, one wide. I carry two cameras all day 70-200 on one, 17-55 on the other with a 10.5 fisheye strapped to my belt. Makes all the difference.

A Precious Moment Photography said...

Hey DJ! Love your work. Maybe someday you can shoot at one of my wedding. It would be a great experience to watch you work.