Monday, October 23, 2006

Utah! IPPA

So I'm out in Utah for the IPPA convention and unfortunately it's just a 24 hour trip but it's been incredible so far! I arrived and found out that Brody (who just got a snappy new website) and the whole Pictage PUG and TONS OF OSPers were meeting in the same hotel as the convention! WOW! What a treat to meet everyone!

but now it's off to bed...and I'm presenting at 8:30am! YIKES! Which is actually 7:30 for me....and guess what - I'm the second speaker of the day! Ah! They start at 6:30! This is so not "hippyville" (as my brother calls Santa Barbara)

:) I'm super excited though - everyone here has been great!

2nd best thing about being on the road - roomservice!


His Creations Photography said...

Hey hope your presentation went well. Glad to hear your surrounded by family over there (PUG's & OSP'ers) Makes being away much easier I'm sure. Good luck on the rest your trip. I'm sure you can't wait to get back to "hippyville"!! :)

Natalie Joy said...

Have fun!

Brody said...

Hey man, thanks so much for joining us for the pug meeting last night. Sorry I couldnt make it this morning to your presentation. A ton of stuff came up with the new studio this morning. Im sure you did great though!

Gary Fong, Author said...

Here's some phrases you can play to this audience:
"When I started doing this xxxx, it was like - third Nephi!"

(that's the part where Jesus enters the story of the book of mormon
"Wow Utah is nice! This is the place!"
"Looking at the map the other day, I noticed a town called Nephi... is there also one called Laman"?