Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Queensberry Site

Be sure to checkout Queensberry's new website! I love Queensberry. Their albums are gorgeous and whenever they call and leave me a message I always save it so I can listen to their accent over and over again. They are wonderful!



Albumesque said...

They have the most amazing albums I have ever seen:) If anyone is looking for a rep I would ask for Gino. He is very helpful:)

amynave said...

oops, that was me:) I forgot to log out.

The Alpha Course said...

Hey DJ,

I notice a we while ago that your album pictures were all over the website. Cool.

Anonymous said...

We are very proud to be able to deliver an album that matches our desire to give our clients nothing but the best. Queensberry is so phat, er, da bomb, uh, (what is the hip term for 'far out' these days?)

Joe Barlow, a pastor, 10th of 14 kids, father of 7, husband of one beautiful wife said...

Half your picture showing the album is missing and won't load.