Tuesday, October 03, 2006

pictures of you

pictures of you, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

I ordered these cool wall hanging things from gnyc.net but I don't have a lot of pictures of everyone to hang on them so if you will email me a picture of you to pictures [at] davidjay.com I'll print them out and hang them up!

The picture on there is of me and Tim in Hawaii last year...don't ask any questions about it.

I'm so excited to finally have pictures on my wall!


Holritz Photography said...

Geez, I miss you. Emailing you right now! :)


|| davidjay || said...

These Pictures are awesome! Thanks everyone! I'll try and print them up tonight after homegroup and take a picture.

Tim Halberg said...

"You look like a rainbow kind of guy...."

Haha... good times!

amber said...

i give you permission to use some of the pics you took of shan and i when we went to tempe. like the sad face one!! that one was fun :)

Shannon said...

good call amber!!! then you can see our sad faces all day long! so cute!

Anne said...

I bought those too!!!!