Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What a Rush!

Well the last couple of days have been a rush!

I left on Monday to head to Utah for the IPPA convention. Monday night was really cool because the Pictage PUG was meeting there so I got to see so many friends and ride on my first Harley! WOW! Jennifer Grigg ( Jumanjijuice ) took these awesome pics!

Here is Shannon Hodson giving me my first ride on a Harley!

and me and Dustin Izatt at the PUG meeting!

Me and Pepper! Oh how I love Pepper!

Then they had an auction to raise money for the IPPA group and they auctioned 3 Showit Apps and brought in over $500! How cool is that!

Then on Tuesday I had a chance to talk and show some of the latest RAW processing tips and tricks as well as give my four ways to "Get FREE" in your life. Unfortunately I couldn't stick around for long and had to be on a flight 90 minutes after my talk ended :( which was a total bummer because everyone there was incredible and I would've loved to have stayed. I flew back to shoot some engagement pics and it went great and then it was straight to the PUG group that Chris Humphreys was running. He walked everyone through his new Livebooks site! (it's not released yet) but I heard it was really cool and has some great functionality!

...and then I went to sleep and OSP GOT ATTACKED! Ahh! :) ...It's a good thing we have Matt Antonino around to ward off the powers of darkness! This is the biggest pic I have of Matt. I woke up to an email from him telling me how he had been defending OSP and I logged in to see how he had hacked the hackers! I was laughing so hard!

The hackers had cracked my password (like you see happen on MySpace all the time) and were messing around with stuff and so Matt cracked their password and started deleting their accounts! haha! Brilliant! I had the the guys at Invision Power Board check everything out and they did some cleaning up right away (within minutes actually - I was incredibly impressed at their response) so everything is back! :)

Tonight is Janey's birthday party and tomorrow I got invited to share my story at a business class up at Westmont! When I got this email I was very excited because when I dropped outta college pretty much everyone said you're gonna fail, not in those exact words, but I got a lot of pressure to go back and everyone kept saying you can't do this and you can't do that so I must admit it feels pretty good to be headed up there. that it's 4pm I guess I need to get to work. :)

Rock on and once again Long Live OSP!


Anonymous said...

Tell all those westmonters to skip the whole graduating thing... worked well for you!!

Lloyd said...

Sounds typically busy! haha
Did you go deaf from the Harley? My first ride on one left me deaf for a week! :)

Great job on warding off the hackers, Matt!

Jasmine said...

Where would we be without Matt?!? You gotta love tat guy! :)

The Alpha Course said...

Matt Rocks!!!!

I would say he is a top dude, but as you know I just sound silly saying 'dude'!

Davina said...

You are so crazy busy! I'm so glad we got to hang out with you a little on Monday, though!

I'm so glad I got to hear your workflow...I've been working on making a lot of shortcuts for my self.

Thanks, DJ for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You know DJ, you should give the regulars Moderator status so they could help you run OSP. Call it outsourcing help.

I mean, we practically religiously log onto OSP everyday =)

Matt's da MAN!!!!!!!

|| davidjay || said...

I'm into that! :) The cool thing about OSP is it doesn't really require any "moderation" but I do have people needing help with passwords and stuff like that and sometimes I don't get back to them very quickly and I'd love it if someone wanted to take charge on that.

Natalie Joy said...

WOW!! Sounds like your really busy!! :)
Awesome pics!!
Harleys ROCK!!