Thursday, October 12, 2006

Good Day

Yesterday was the way life should be. I think I'm going to have more days like yesterday.

I woke up really really early (click here for the video) to go out and play some golf with some cool AZ Photographers. We have Jedd Johnson, Jared Platt, Me, The infamous Gino, and Isaac Bailey.

...checkout this video of Isaac. The sun wasn't even up yet so it was kinda hard to see the ball sometimes but I think he got a hole in one on this shot. Isaac was the smartest golfer though because he decided to time the round and run the whole time so he got his exercise as well as the round of golf.

Here is a video of me approaching my perfectly placed shot. I really did mean to hit it out in the dirt close to the killer dog.

...and so after golf I came home and was really exhausted so I took a nap all day and then got up because Shannon Rice invited me to this thing called "Adore" and they are doing this series called The Art of Living. and it was so good! ..and at the beginning it was really funny because the speaker came out and said "I know some of you have had a long hard day at work" and I was like yup...and then he said I just want you to forget about your job, forget about business and then they started playing this song I couldn't believe it! I can't escape it! BarlowGirl is everywhere now. Shannon and I were laughing.

Then we met up with Hollye Schumacher for some dinner! It was a great day.

A few of us are headed to dinner tonight as well so if you are in AZ and wanna hang post up here and I'll try and make sure everyone knows where and when. :)


Sarah Barlow said...

HAHA!!! wow!! That video of you driving is way too funny! :)

LOL!!! I LOVE that No One Like You is totally associated with Barlowgirl even though it was originally a David Crowder Band song! So awesome!

|| davidjay || said...

OH YEA! It was early! I can't wait to see your new setup! FUN!

Dinner - we have 8 or 9 people for Grazie in Scottsdale between 8:00 and 8:30. Awesome - see you all soon!

Melissa Carl said...

hey DJ-

Can I come kick your butt? because of you, gary won't go ANYWHERE without holding his phone in his hand reading emails or blogs. it's getting so old looking at him, looking at his phonel

we went to amish country with my dad and step-mom and all he did the entire time was look at his phone!


ps. can't wait to see you! party for janey's b-day in SB YAY said...

Oh yea and me and DJ both shot an 80 on the links.

Trust me. =;)

Shannon said...

we are sooo much fun! SOOO glad you came to Adore...what irony for the night.
Tonight will be a blast

Blake Slade Photographers said...

Yea we had a great time on the golf course. You should have gotton video of you kicking Issac's ball all over the green! That was the funniest thing out. Your a good guy D.J, or David, or David Jay... whatever right!

JeffersonTodd said...

I can't believe I am missing all of you guys! Have fun in
AZ...the weather has been perfect there.

Hollye said...

I just want to thank you for that first video. I've always wondered what it looks like in Phoenix at 6 in the morning.
At this point in the evening, it looks like I'll miss one more AZ sunrise. Yes to sleeping in!
I had a fantastic time at dinner. Great hanging with you once again!


|| davidjay || said...

Hollye you're wonderful!

...and Gino's right...I think we might've been in the 70's actually but then the cart lady came around with the Fosters and so we didn't really keep score on the back nine.

Jennifer Anne Rodgers said...

Is that Matt Maher singing?

|| davidjay || said...

YEA! I couldn't remember how to spell his name but he was great!

|| davidjay || said...

I just found his website and it's - Really good stuff!

Jennifer Anne Rodgers said...

When I live in Arizona I attended the parish where he leads worship. He is amazing! He truly has a gift for music ministry! Glad that you got to hear him!

Mr. Billey said...

SnapperJackles and PiGsFeet!!! We missed it! Maybe next time!

Liz Power Photography said...

For all of us who have wayward golf shots, and have faced lots of distractions while thinking of swing thoughts, I loved the dog. LOL. Poppy