Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Get your Music!

Ok so this is a pretty sweeeeeet thing that I've kept hush hush because I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up (including my own) but it's really happening and I'm so stoked!

Everyone wants a legal solution for music use on their websites and slideshows and we are almost there - we just need to know what music you want!

So if you have music that you like and have been using or are hoping to use post it up here and we'll get cranking on it! We are planning to present a list to the publishers tomorrow and we have already collected lots of songs but post up anything and everything you would wish for!

Post up:
Name of the artist
Name of the song

...and post FAST so your songs can be submitted and approved in the first round and you can use it on Showit Web DVD's for your clients this Christmas (shhhh...don't tell Todd that I told you it's coming soon) lol


Kevin Meyers said...

DJ! I can't believe this...I just signed into OSP about a song I'm using on my new website with express written consent of the artist. Her name is Colbie Caillat and she's unsigned at this point. I believe that's gonna change real soon...check her out on myspace.

amynave said...

A Real Fine Place to Start
by Sara Evans

Passenger Seat
By shedaisy

You and me

I'm sure I'll think of some more:)

Jason Wallis said...

are you serious that I can make a DVD by Christmas??!?!?! I know I will (and I think others will) be able to make some serious profits by have a DVD option. I would kiss you on the face....

Alison B. said...

Oh my goodness - this is so awesome!

Could Not Ask for More
by Sara Evans

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

A Page is Turned
Bebo Norman

|| davidjay || said...

The DVD will be a service option so you can still make the money but you don't have to do the work! :D

Thanks for the song requests everyone! I will submit them asap! Sweet!

Phil & Louise Barber said...


Will this be a service option for the US or will photographers in the UK be able to it as well?

As for songs

Best Days of our Lives
by Weekend Players

The Alpha Course said...

Ditto what Phil said (he's sucha wise man)

Phil & Louise Barber said...


You are too kind!

Love you Man!!


Kelly Sullivan said...

This is awesome!!

By My Side by Ben Harper
It's your love by Tim McGraw
Making Memories of us by Kenny Chessney

Thanks so much for doing this!

Anonymous said...

better together - Jack Johnson

Beautiful - Jim brickman & Wayne Brady

Thank you.. :)

Kevin Keelan said...

-You are my hope
-Come my way
-Will you be there


Jim Davis Hicks said...

Remember When It Rained -
Josh Groban

Any josh groban for that matter.

Anonymous said...

WOW that's a great idea! Also, I saw that you're making a Showit Web DVD? Would that consist all of the music or could we eventually make DVD montages?

Keep up the good work!

Penny Sylvia said...

DUDE!!! too cool!