Friday, October 13, 2006


A year ago I spent a lot of time thinking about the long term plan for my business and my life and I came up with three little letters that I ask myself everytime I'm presented with a new opportunity or idea and the letters are "EMS" and they stand for Everything Must Scale.

One of the biggest problems I see in most businesses is that they don't have any ability to grow let alone scale into something increasingly more profitable for the owner.

Tim Sanders talks a lot about scalability and he says that the process of a company is "the heart and soul of a company's worth" and so we should build a process that doesn't break when it gets bigger.

How can your business get bigger without "breaking"

Happy Friday!


Chris Humphreys said...

Great point!

Mike said...

You are a smart man DJ! Cant wait to meet you next month in TN!

Anonymous said...

Right on DJ. Keep preachin' and I'll keep listening!

I really have to say how impressed I am with OSP. The shear power and volume is incredible!! Not trying to thread jack or anything, but to prove my point, did you see the thread that Hassel Weems started under Digital Photography with the tv news guy? I love how supportive this community is! OSP is huge!!!

Hollye said...

Great point DJ and clearly applicable to the project I'm working on.
Your timing is impeccable. :-)


Daniel J. Watkins said...
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Daniel J. Watkins said...

Great topic Deej...too many businesses fail because they didn't adequately plan for expansion. Keep rockin' bud!

Anonymous said...

Interesting! One thing that is not scalable is wedding photography, so you have to price creep. That's what I did, just let the clientele keep referring their friends upward.

I never thought about scalability, but we've had to face that as we've grown, and it's a dern good idear!

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Gary -- it's scalable if you are in the wedding photography B2B business in addition to the B2C. Seminars, DVDs, etc., and DJ (and Colon, Reggie, et al) are perfect examples of scalability and acting upon market opportunities.

|| davidjay || said...

Hey Vince - your Showit Web answer is on the knowledge base part of the site as well as tons of other info about how to upload and everything else you need to know. :) - Click here ...and Photoshop works great for renaming and the OSP forum would be a much better place to chat about that stuff.

Mike - amped for TN! It's gonna be awesome!

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Another great business blog is :)

Anonymous said...

what book does Sanders talk about scaling?

Kevin Keelan said...

A few years back I was CEO of a wedding photo gallery in Orlando FL. It’s growth led to studios opening in Hawaii and Las Vegas. A board of directors was assigned to manage this cursory growth. Many times I was over shadowed and outvoted.
In my discomfort of the direction the Co I founded was heading, I consulted my Pastor. He recommended leaving an empty chair for God in our board meetings. That’s when I came up with my three words, “GOD” Guide Our Destiny.
I eventually took that chair and walked out the back door and never looked back “chickacow!
EMS, right on DJ