Thursday, October 19, 2006

Blog Pirate

Check this out! The Blog Pirate is so cool! I guess he goes around to blogs and grabs the info and brings it to OSP for us so we can talk about it. I think this is perfect because I've found blogs to be really difficult to have conversations on because they only notify the blog owner when a post is made.

The two blogs that the Blog Pirate is grabbing right now are Mike Colon's and Seth Godin. Both are great blogs. Seth Godin is marketing guru and I just read one of his books called "All Marketers are Liars" and it was incredible and now I'm reading two of his other books "The Big Moo" and "Small is the new Big" which are both awesome as well....and look what Seth says in both of them.

"When you bought this book, you also bought the right to photocopy as many pages as you like, as many times as you like, go ahead and make five hundred copies of your favorite story and send them out via interoffice mail."

Seth Godin is a master blogger and Word-of-Mouth marketer and so that's why he gives stuff away for free and that's why I buy all of his books. He's brilliant.


The Alpha Course said...

OK, now I feel like a complete idiot. I thought the forum was being hacked - I even left you a voicemail.


kaitlin said...

HAHAHAHAHA. That's hilarious. I love it. Is it going to be able to feed comments back to the blog? Cause that would be, well, COOL.

c r y s t a l said...

So neato!!!! :) I'm diggin' the blog pirate!

Anonymous said...

plus that pirate graphic is just so cool. i think he's going to be my desktop image for today

|| davidjay || said...

That voicemail was the coolest thing ever and I appreciate it. Seriously. If something weird goes down it's awesome that you guys let me know and the Blog Pirate will keep adding blogs and if anybody who's blog is added doesn't want it added just let me know and I will put my Ninja skills on the Blog Pirate.


...I don't think the comments will go back to the blog unfortunately so I suggest leaving comments on the blogs but if you want to have dialogue about it then it's probably easier to do it here b/c then you'll be notified when their is a response. Also...all of my blog post will go into the Journal section as well.

Mike said...

You are so funny DJ! All these posts from the blog pirate at 3AM this morning - I think it had everybody going! Its a neat idea to be able to discuss topics on someones blog. So cool that this is a DJ thing!

Daniel J. Watkins said...

"Toss him overboard!"


(sorry, too many kid cartoons at my house...)

Anonymous said...

the blog pirate needs to pull from becker's blog as well, mmmkay? i haven't read anything from the little pirate yet, but in order to keep to have him be cool, he needs to post stuff from becker's blog.

//ed pingol said...

pirates favorite fast food restaurant?


= )