Thursday, September 14, 2006


In the past year I think I've enjoyed studying Word-of-Mouth marketing more than anything else because I think understanding and implementing it is one of the key ways we can create more freedom in our lives. Most people spend as much time, or more, pursuing work as they do handling current work and so by eliminating the need to pursue work you could potentially free up your schedule by 50% or more!

I have never looked for work or really thought about how to get it because I got lucky and implemented a Word-of-Mouth and "Word-of-Mouse" marketing system from the beginning and have continued to encourage and enable people to have conversations about me through the use of Showit slideshows and it's no wonder that Showit has absolutely exploded. Just in the past 3 days we've had 77 orders and I get tons of emails like this from people who's lives and business have been changed by the Showit apps...this one came into our support system from Charles Ford.

and the reason this stuff works is because the world of marketing our business is changing fast! So if you're still wasting money on advertising and hoping it'll get you more work I'm afraid you're going down the wrong road.

Checkout these latest stats from the Word-of-Mouth-Marketing-Association (WOMMA)


Sarah Barlow said...

WOM ROCKS!!!!!!!! Seriously! There's no other way of marketing that is as reliable or consistant! And thank God it's not a fad!
Wow...I might have to stop visiting your blog for awhile...that picture of you w/makeup makes me jump everytime I see it! LOL!!!! ;)

Holritz Photography said...

Will you marry me????

Oh wait, that's not my line :)


Anonymous said...

Will you marry me???

oh wait, i'm already married :)

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Great stats, deej...keep up the good work!

Yunna said...

It definetly works. There is this ONE photographer that pretty mcuh monopolizes a good chunk offamily/friends for the entire west coast (which includes of about 1000-2000 relatives/friends etc)!! Everytime my friends have a wedding, it's "oh who was the photographer?" THAT guy. dang.