Friday, September 22, 2006


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I rarely get rental cars anymore because I'm not very good at finding my way to places and with as expensive as they are it's usually cheaper to get a cab anyway! ...and being in a cab is nice because then you can see the sights too. Does anybody know why rental cars are so expensive?

When I rented cars on the tour it was always around 100 bucks and I was thinking wow they only have to rent this a few days a month to cover their costs and everywhere I went they were strapped for cars so I think those businesses must be doing well...or at least have a lot of potential!


K.C. said...

They just keep raising their prices like photographers:)

Anonymous said...

I dont usually have to worry about cabs because the Barlow limo service is usually with me wherever I go!!!

Daniel J. Watkins said...


KC is right...rental cars are expensive (like wedding photography) because people need them. You are probably renting all of your cars from airport locations. Airport locations have to pay HUGE fees -- commissions to the airport, visitor / tourism taxes (some cities have more taxes than the rental car company invoice processing systems can detail so they have to self-assess and hope they get it right).

Most rental car companies average (among all locations, not just airport locations) revenues of between $750-$1200 per car per month. The volume at the airport locations carries the slower off-airport locations which will have cars idled more often (and don't have the high fees / taxes to pay). You'll actually save $ in some cities by contacting a rental car company that doesn't have to pay the high airport taxes and fees.

So, if you need a car, take a cab to an off airport location and you'll save up to $20 (or more in some cities) per day on your car rentals.

(sorry, I actually have experience in this industry...feel free to tell me to shut-up!)


Sarah Barlow said...

Rental car places are great...except I CAN'T RENT ANYTHING!!! LOL!!! have to be like 25 or something! Craziness! So taxi's are better:)

Anonymous said...

they just released the forbes richest americans. the guy who started enterprise rental cars are billionaires!

and i thought cars lost value everyday!!! not for rentals.

just never buy a used rental car. i seen some horrible cars like when people drive 100 miles with the parking brake on or launch off of curbs and speed bumps...