Saturday, September 16, 2006

Goodbye BB

Minutes after sending off this last post I paid the cab and my poor phone slipped outta my pocket :( I was in a hurry so didn't bother with a receipt and my phone was on silent mode because I was at the rehearsal so I think she's a gonner...

Goodbye by dear Blackberry. I will miss you.

Looks like Monday is back to the T-mobile store.


amynave said...

I know where your phone is:) Check your e-mail!!!!!!

You can't get rid of it that easily:P

Tim Halberg said...

Sad day... or did Amy Nave just steal it??

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Funny story....several years ago when BB's first gained popularity, one of the VPs for my dayjob lost (left) his in a cab.

A few days later his e-mail account (synched to his BB) started getting some very filthy messages back and forth from a girl and her boyfriend. The VP brought the messages to our techical guy (who worked for me) and we got quite a laugh out of the filthy messages.

We started sending messages to the device stating that the BB needed to be mailed back to our office right away. The girl, who sounded kind juvenile, never answered. So the tech came to me and asked what should we try next.

After some consideration...we tried a more practical approach. We sent a message that said "we are going to send copies of your naughty messages to your dad." We got a prompt reply from the girl who said she was very sorry, that she was "just a 15 year old high school student" and she hoped she wouldn't get in trouble. She said her dad was a cab driver and he gaver her the "little internet thingy" that someone left in his cab! The BB arrived about a week later with no return address. (But, she didn't realize that we had the boyfriend's e-mail address!) It turns out this 15 year who didn't want to get in trouble...was engaging in some VERY adult behavior with her 18 year old boyfriend! I guess she learned her lesson about abusing the World Wide Web.

Glad to hear that a "good" person found your BB. :)