Friday, September 08, 2006

What an amazing experience the 2nd Annual PartnerCon was and what a treat it was to get to meet so many of you! I always get a little sad after things like this are over because so many of my friends live in different states and sometimes the only times during the year that I get to see them is at the conferences so I'm glad that I've been super busy today otherwise I think I would've had to think about how much I miss everyone.

I really think it's incredible that Pictage puts these things on and has developed such a wonderful community of photographers - they are true lovecats.

I'm gonna be awol the next couple of days because I have a workshop at Brooks tomorrow and so I've been preparing like mad today and it's gonna be a lot of fun! We're going through a bunch of new "permission based" marketing stuff tomorrow and then we're gonna do a night shoot downtown SB! Sunday will be a complete hashing through of setting up a studio for freedom through automation and outsourcing.

So I'll try and post tomorrow night but probably not till Sunday.


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