Friday, September 15, 2006

DJ workout

I did 45 minutes in the weight room tonight...oh yea! ...and I took my book down there and read while I was on the bike b/c I'd hate for you to think that I was just like some of those other really big strong muscle guys. That picture isn't really me (on the bike... or in the spa) but I don't like posting without pictures.



amynave said...

How did I know you were going to post this:P Keep it up!!!!!

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amynave said...

P.S. You might have to ice your muscles after that long workout. 40 minutes on 10 minutes off:P

|| davidjay || said...

Good idea! I'll see what I can find!

Shyla said...

Haha...Good for you Deej!!
Did you break a sweat or was it just a leisure ride??


Sara France Photography said...

I am so proud! You are awesome! You are going to feel so great!!