Thursday, September 14, 2006


I just finished reading BarlowGirl's new book "BarlowGirl - More than Music" and it was fantastic! I'm sure they wrote it for their target market of high school age girls which means it is PERFECT for me! I read it in one day it was so good.

These girls are such an inspiration and it's fun to follow their life and see how God is using them to change a generation of young people who are so overwhelmed with conflicting messages.

The book gave me a glimpse into their life and their struggles and the last time I was out in Chicago I was talking with Sarah Barlow about the pressures they feel to be perfect. They talked about this in their book and I think it's one of the worst traps we fall into and it's funny because the harder we strive to be perfect and present ourselves that way the less we'll be able to connect with anybody and the less effective we'll be in getting our message across.

We connect with people through our mistakes and through our faults and I didn't think of this until right now but that's probably the reason I connect with so many people! :) Haha! Wow!

Anyway, thanks Sarah for the great CD and book and congratulations on shooting your first album cover! It's great!

...also...there's something spooky about someone the BG's mention in their book b/c it's actually someone I'm working with right now! The world really is small! I'll post more tomorrow b/c now I gotta go pack!


Anonymous said...

That is totally awesome!!!
The book is INCREDIBLE!! I read it in one day too:) lol
Cant wait till Monday!!!

Anonymous said...

One of the first steps to feeling good about the real you is to step out from behind your make-up. be natural brother :)

amynave said...

So true, the moment we we let down that wall of "perfection" and let our quirks stand out is when people love you and relate to you the most:)

We all have quirks right David Jay:)
Great post!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aims! Did you know that one of your pics from the concert in LA made it in the book??? Its in the photo gallery!!!! :) Congratulations!!!

Anita Matejka Photography said...

We just picked up this book this week, and my daughter has been reading it! I'll have to borrow it from her!

Sarah Barlow said...

Thanks DJ!!
Yeah!! I still have to read the book!!! hehe!! Sounds incredible though!!