Monday, September 11, 2006

Telling secrets

I suck at keeping secrets so I'm gonna tell you something that nobody really knows...tomorrow all the T-Mobile stores are gonna start selling the new Blackberry Pearl. I heard about the Pearl by reading this article in Business Week and I read it on this really cool program that my buddy Nathan Holritz told me about called Zinio Reader and you can just subcribe and get Magazines on your computer and then you can search them and organize them much better. It's really cool...and then tonight I went into a T-mobile store with my Ninja Mask on and demanded they tell me when they're coming out...and it's tomorrow and they already have them in stores! I can't wait! Camera! Music! and a memory slot on a Blackberry! Woohoo!

I just get Business Week and the Harvard Business Review right now because I think books are better things to read but every once in awhile it's good to take in some "Fast Food Knowledge" as Tim Sanders calls it. :) He rocks!


JeffersonTodd said...

Dude that new Blackberry Pearl is going to Rock!

But don't rush in if you want to sync it with your mac. PocketMac hasn't released the software for it yet, although they are supposed to support the use of it as a modem for your mac laptop, which would be amazing!

Anonymous said...

Also there is strong rumors of an Apple branded phone ...may not be able to imput characters like a Blackberry but might be worth waiting for to compare.

Holritz Photography said...

Niiice!!! Hate that you just bought a new phone! LOL!

|| davidjay || said...

Haha...I'm still within 30 days so I asked already and I can swap it out. order to sync what you can do if you have a regular Mac is use .Mac to sync your stuff to a normal Mac and then Sync from's a work around but I have to have this new one so I'm gonna go get it in 2 hours - I'm so excited!

Liana said...

For a guy who hates phones so much seeing your love for the next best one coming out always cracks me up!!

Awesome about the subscription service tip - I must say though HBR mag is the "Atlanta Bread Company" of mags though :)

Deyl said...

i want my full qwerty keyboard!

by the way, qwerty is very fun to type... try it! qwerty qwerty

Jasmine said...'re qwerty.


Joe Barlow, a pastor, 10th of 14 kids, father of 7, husband of one beautiful wife said...

re fast food periodicals:
I've read studies that show that reading periodicals is one way to maintain and increase your IQ.

So instead of fast food, magazines are more like fertilizer (so you could joke about BS, lol).

They're good for causing a cross-pollenization of thoughts & ideas.

|| davidjay || said...

Haha! That's funny Pastor Joe!

JT - you're totally right! No support at all for MAC users - that's lame so I had to hook up my old dell to sync my old Blackberry and then sync the new one so I can see who's calls I'm screening - haha - just kidding. I always answer the phone if I'm not busy.