Friday, September 15, 2006

Friends and business

When my friend Shyla posted this quote on her blog it really stuck with me...

"All things being equal, people will do business with a friend; all things
being unequal, people will still do business with a friend."

...and I just listened to an interview with Bill Gates and the interviewer asked him to give advice to people just getting into business and he said that he thought his business became successful because he hired his friends and they had fun and really believed in what they were doing.

I think working with friends is so important because when you're in business with your friends you can't just bail when things get rough and so it forces you to do the thing that most people fail to do in business and that's persevere! It's been proven over and over again that ideas aren't really worth anything - it's the "aggresive implementation of those ideas" that makes ideas succeed.

I also think this is why the photographers who surround themselves in communities ( like OSP :) end up making big strides really fast. When you put yourself out there and tell people who you are what you want to accomplish those people will become your friends and help you reach those goals and get your through the tough times.



Daniel J. Watkins said...

Gotta throw some rain on the parade DJ. Two of my last three weddings were for friends / siblings of friends (Sept. 2nd and August 4th). Both of them have thus far stiffed me for payments. (I certainly wasn't late on rendering the services!) Not currently too happy about friends who hired me...guess they expected an even better "deal" than I gave them. :(

|| davidjay || said...

Hey Dan - I've been in your boat several times and it's a bummer so I'm sorry you're dealing with that.

I was talking more about business partnerships and working with our friends.

...working for our friends is a whole different thing and often results in missed expectations on both sides. I hope they make things right soon.


Joe Barlow, a pastor, 10th of 14 kids, father of 7, husband of one beautiful wife said...

Sarah got stiffed by a "friend" of mine. After a year she still has not received a penny(she did receive one check for $50 but it bounced).
A true friend, who's worthy of doing business with, is one who has at least the same level of moral character as you.
I would do business with you DJ because I've never been let down by your character. I'd never again do business with the above mentioned "friend".
So if "friendship" includes that kind of trust I agree. Friendship can be a good basis for business partnership.

Anonymous said...

Its a heart issue. Are you out to take or out to give? True friends are looking out for your best interest and you for theirs.

Shyla said...

Its soo true....Community creates business and in life!!

Thats so funny you posted that quote becuase I just came across it again today...tooo wierd!

Poor Dan...I have been stiffed by friends before too and its sad that they feel they can treat you that way especially bieng your so-called friend... Like in any relationship, thoug, it all boils down to communication...I think if we lay it all out from the get-go then there is no room for unfulfilled expectations...


Daniel J. Watkins said...

They'll make good...they haven't seen any of the photos yet!!! ;) It's such a shame though because the August 4th wedding I had all of the images completely edited and posted online in record time (with a slideshow too of course) like 3 days (which, for a moonlighter who works a day job and has 3 kiddos at pretty amazing).

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

What about this scenario:

Friend A gets a job for friend B to work with business partner C. A's expections of what C will offer to B in the course of time are proven invalid (C is a user) and B gets pissed off and ultimately bails. A feels betrayed because he expected loyalty from B, B feels like he was lied to and used by C and that A lacked good judgement in involving B in this arrangement.

Who is at fault?