Monday, September 11, 2006

Brooks downtown Shoot

I can't even begin to express how much I was blessed by the great photographers in the workshop this past weekend. I really couldn't have imagined a more wonderful group. I was coming off of being on road for about 3 months straight so their energy got me through the weekend.

Also, I was really encouraged by how many of you have already started blogging and have posted here! That's so awesome!

Here are some more pics from the night "Mike Colon Style" engagement shoot! It was so fun and everyone got killer pics!

I was sporting my new cool Paul Frank shirt from Justin and Amelia Lyon! :) I love it!

Notice once security showed up I just put my camera down and acted innocent...

Then once they found out I was responsible I just played dumb (it was easy)


PatStein said...

Hey David!
That was such a fun night. I learned so much that night shooting without a flash.
Larry was ready to step into action that night too! He was getting his Attorney card ready to show them if they would have confiscated our cameras.

Today I worked on thee batch processing, WHAT A TIME SAVER!!!! ....and I started a wordpress blog. I linked to OSP. I still have to change some of the text with CSS and add more categories and such, but check it out so far.

Thanks again,

|| davidjay || said...

Nice! WOW! You sure did get to work! I love it!

Larry was awesome and it was so fun chatting with you guys at dinner!


Keats Elliott Photography said...

Wow - talk about inspiring people to "move." Sounds like you lit the fire and then some. If that's what playing dumb and looking innocent will do for ya -- I'll have to give it a try :)

Deyl said...

dude, you don't want to mess around with those Paseo Nuevo rentacops.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! That was so funny, especially when Lloyd kept taking photos with the cops right behind him!
I wish I had a shot of that..:) But I didn't want to take the risk....LOL.
I am definitely going to keep practicing the night shots!
Paul Frank HUH? Did you notice my P.F. purse?

amynave said...

You play dumb?????? No way:) LOL... ummmm you ROCK!!!

Adam R. Owens said...

Paul Frank! Cool! I live in AL no stores near me, where to buy online? any idea? PS I enjoyed you greatly at partner con.

A Precious Moment Photography said...

LOL! It was so much fun. I did the same thing, I got all nervous. I was going to hide my camera in my purse, fearing that were going to confiscat my camera. I started working on my photos last night, but one thing I wanted to know. Can you still do batch processing with high Jpeg? If you can, how?

Alex Robb said...
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Alex Robb said...

I missed the shoot that night - spending time on the beach with my wife and my beautiful 3 1/2 year old daughter. Did some sunset portraits.

Can't wait to go downtown and shoot some nightshots. Thanks for all the images I got to see the next day - wonderful sharing with pros again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks DJ,
I am pretty sure I will be the Locomotive Engineer attending your workshop, and seriously, I learned Volumes! Thanks for everything

Sarah Renée said...

Haha that's awesome! I love the black and white shot at the top of this blog!!

Ben Dodds said...

DJ, can you inform me why security did not want you shooting at this location? I'm new at this photography thing... Might as well learn from others

|| davidjay || said...

Sure :) We were inside of a mall and I guess that mall has some sort of waiver you have to sign to make sure you don't sell the photos to magazines or something...probably not a big deal if you're alone but we had 20 photogs so we couldn't really hide..haha