Monday, February 23, 2009

Vote Yo

We collected five videos about Showit! A couple of them are pretty freaking funny so you should watch them and then pick your favorite.

Click here to see the videos and vote!

I've also been taking some fun shots from my house and today I saw this boat cruising way out in the ocean underneath this cool low cloud so I snapped a hot of it and then played with it in photoshop.

and then this one I stamped the boat out.


Bobby Earle said...

Dude! Troy's vid is awesome!

And I like that boat shot :) said...

It's a shame you don't have a better view from your place!

Splendid! Photography said...

I looked at the picture before I read what you wrote... I thought to myself... Gosh, how does DJ get to travel to all these stinkin' cool places like Antarctica?"

It really looks like an ice cap with a barge floating by!

So stinkin' cool!

Blessings to you :) And I agree with Brian, you should really work on getting a better view from your house! hahah

Josh Stichter said...

Nice shots, DJ!

Troy Grover Photography said...

I think that Dragon Drop video is pretty clever. I might be a little bias though ;)

Emily S Crawford said...

Fun Shot #1: That just took me back to childhood. Does anybody else want to go out and buy the game Battleship?

Fun Shot #2: Pleasing to the eye with all degrees of canvas rotation. Let's have a painting party and put the 180 degree rotation on canvas :)

SWEET pictures. Well done, sir!!