Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Data Mining

*kind of another geek post - sorry - I guess I'm feeling geeky this week*

All of you who've heard me speak know how consumed I am with knowing WHY people do things... well this translates over into my job with Showit b/c a huge part of what I do is try to understand why people buy our products so I do my best to get my hands on as many graphs and things that show our data and they are encouraging when they look like this. Generally up is better. :)

I'm really stoked that Showit (sites) is already exceeding my expectations (which are usually super optimistic). Last year when we launched we immediately hit 100 subscribers per month. which was our one year goal and now only 8 months in we're up 25% to over 125 new subscribers per month.

And on a different note - what's the deal with international orders today. For some reason intl orders went crazy today for Showit (web) so I'm wondering if there is some kind of tax rebate happening over there or big conference in Europe or something. We usually get one international order each day but today we had

Two in Germany

...and a bunch in the U.S. but it's just weird to have them all happen today so I was wondering if anybody knew why that was?


Vick Prizma Productions said...

maybe it's ur lucky day dude u should buy a lottery ticket ;-)

Bernie Aho said...

Got in early so will explain a bit from my perspective.

1) Needed a good website, no time to build = showit among some digging, ``whos david jay``..his photos are awesome, then move on to others for research..RSS+davidjays blog as this guy is on to something..browse some more...Whos JASMINE*`wow...right company, style i want..

but yet lets check out some more sites in the can (bludomain, portfoliositz etc). Intrigued by showit sites, but don`t go to deep as the scaling sites bother me on large monitors as the lower res pics dont look good..(mind you most people run 1024x768 etc). End up with porfoltiositez but love david jay and jasimine, and rss them and follow their work like stalkers.

2) Time goes by, I love these guys, I order DVD, and this increases the love...NOW i really look at showit sites after awesome demo, and philosophy, totally hooked post DVD..downloaded demo today, and will probably buy at least show it sites and web this week...I am totally in.

3) Probably gonna get a 1.2L as well..THANKS ALOT JASMINE!!!! DAMNAVIT!!!.. more $$$ but totally get it.

4) Once into Show it demo( i get that not all sites look same there are some that scale to full extents of browser and look good...i Must have clicked on the few that are you say 4:3..

Anyways love you guys, and I am in now...but wanted to provide insight on how got here from far reach nothern ontario canada.

|| davidjay || said...

Very cool Bernie! :)

Our goal is to put you in control so we love getting this feedback!

That's awesome! Also, we just added a couple of cool features you might like including the ability to control the size of compression so you can decide how you like it and you can also keep the site from scaling if you don't want any of that.

You rock!

Luke said...

Probably all of those stimulus packages kicking in!

Glad to hear it. I'm keen to have a nerdy yarn with you about Showit Sites sometime.

Maybe I should hit up SoCal in the not-too-distant future ...

Darren Whitley said...

I bought Showit Fast because it was a fixed cost and a tool I could use on my site to do something that is otherwise too tedious. The software is user friendly and the resulting slideshow looks slick.

The fixed cost is a key component of why I bought it. It's a tool like my cameras. I don't like to pay monthly fees for software or services as my business is cyclical.

Unknown said...

I would bet it's because of WPPI! People were talking about showit. Seriously, amazing! It was great meeting you.