Thursday, February 19, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas :)

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came up to the Showit Suite! What a treat it was to meet you and to get your feedback. We are already moving forward with lots of your suggestions and I have been so excited to see what you've been creating!

I booked a flight home early this morning because I really want to be home. It actually would've been cheaper to stay another night here and fly home tomorrow but I'm ready to get out of this air conditioned, timeless biosphere.

The buzz around the show was definitely SmugMugPro and their BayPhoto integration which now combines their rock solid technology and support with an insane pro lab. I stopped by their booth and it was nuts. Everyone is so excited and you may have heard by now that Jeff Jochum is their new Chief Marketing Officer and I can't imagine a better fit for the job!

I made a little Facebook group for SmugMugPro so be sure to join me over there so we can chat about all the cool new things happening!

Rock on!


Unknown said...

Jeff's name seems *awfully* familiar ... wasn't he with the lab that must not be named on your blog? ;-)

|| davidjay || said...

Yup ... and he's not the only familiar name you're gonna see switching to SmugMugPro.


Splendid! Photography said...

Hmmm... makes you think...

I am super excited about the new developments! I have LOVED working with SmugMug over the past year and I am even more excited about the new things happening!

Thank you DJ for setting the sails!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this tipped me over the edge. I'm officially a SumgMugPro user. I signed up a few days ago.

MattDJ said...

That's a great shot DJ! You can almost feel the excitement there. Thanks for the updates.