Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I said "I Do" ;)

Sweet! So I think all of you know that a year or so ago I started uploading all my pictures and videos onto SmugMug and using them for everything and it's been the greatest thing ever! When the fire happened I didn't have to worry about anything b/c all my full resolution photos for my business and my personal life (yes I have one! ;) are backed up by SmugMug on multiple servers all over the place and I can access them anytime!

As I talked with them more and more I realized that this was the solution of the future but what I didn't know at the time was how excited they were about the wedding industry. So over the past 6 months we've been having roundtable discussions with groups of photographers and the cool guys over at SmugMug to figure out what we need as professionals. Essentially we came up with a list of pro options that they are using to create a brand new solution just for us! How cool is that!

The sad part of this is that I was very involved with Pictage so the "breakup" was painful They worked great for me when they first started but year after year I felt that they got more out of date and more expensive for what they were offering and eventually I felt like they crossed a point where I couldn't feel good referring people to them and so I moved on. About that same time many people left Pictage who I felt were the ones trying to create positive changes there and I felt like things went downhill fast. One of the last people I know there is their CEO but I just heard that they are looking to replace him in the next few months too so it's a different place now.

All that to say - I'm excited about where things are going. SmugMug's new pro solution is gonna be epic so I'd suggest starting now in putting your stuff up there so when they get all the new pro stuff launched you'll be able to make it an easy transition for your clients. I'm working with them on many projects and they're gonna be in the BayPhoto booth at WPPI and they also have a hotel suite that you can go to and meet them and share what you'd like!

Lastly, I'm stoked to be SmugMug's Artist in Residence for wedding photography! Click Here to see the nice little write up


Salty Grapes said...
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Catie Ronquillo said...

Awesome! Thanks to the roundtable discussion up at Smug Mug HQ I have a free pro account for a year! I better get uploading :)

Josh Newton said...

LOVE smugmug ;) they rock! I've been telling everyone i know about it and i've already got another 8 or so photographers stoked on it. sweeeeeeeeeeet

{studio|detro} said...

I am so excited! I've loved SmugMug for the two years I've hosted proofs and sold portraits through it. They are always improving.

They design and program like web people - not "shaky" web applications, lots of sensible options.

Thanks for seeing this deal through, when I saw you were working with them, I was really hopeful you'd get the chance to channel their improvement toward stuff that helps professional photographers. Especially with the new influx of video capability.

Thank you, thank you, and good luck!

Unknown said...

I work at SmugMug and boy do we feel like we have a lot to live up to!

We've been fans of David's for a long time and I can't tell you all how much it's changing us to hear your feedback.

It's electric here with excitement as we watch your feature requests turn into prototypes we can turn into reality.

Chris Brashear said...

So cool. I left pictage about 6 months ago, and switched to smugmug. I love smugmug, but was hoping they would tailor it more for wedding photographers. Even as it is now, I love it, and I am glad to have someone like you DJ helping us to be heard! Rock on.

MattDJ said...

DJ, that's an awesome write up on you! Congratulations my friend. You guys make an awesome team. :-)

Deyl said...

you mean i didn't have to run into your burning house to get your hard drives?

sweet dude, thanks for telling me

wedding-photography said...

do you know if they have "add to favorites or send favorites to photographer???

Denis Reggie said...

Hey, DJ. I call you my friend (you've hungout at my house!) but I have to take exception to the low (inappropriate) blows you've tossed to Pictage while making such a one-sided pitch for your new sponsor. I am sure its easy to bash an ex-, but Pictage is a very dear company to many pros who would rather be with Pictage than without --- and I call myself among those dues-paying thousands. For good reason, Pictage has grown to be the largest, most successful online product services company for PROFESSIONAL wedding photographers on the planet and it makes a profit. CEO Jason deserves much of the credit and Pictage will be well served with his amazing talents and efforts whether in day-today management or upstairs on the board. If he redifnes his role, that idea and decision would be his and the company would continue to excel.

You are my buddy, Dude, but for a self-described man of God, this post is sadly beneath you. I do not argue with someone making a business decision for business reasons - but didn't you close your photography business a couple of years ago anyway? That's what you told me anyway.(When was your last fee paying gig anyway?)

Hey, endorsing a company is part of the rock star journey you traveled, but bashing your ex- in the process (and suggesting stuff about the CEO that is not factual or certainly fair fodder for a blog) was unnecessary and, in my opinion, just off the mark... just beneath you, DJ. I thought you were blessed with better judgment.

Denis Reggie

wiljax said...

Come on DJ. I have no idea if you are correct or not. And you certainly have every right to use whatever service you prefer. And you definitely have every right to say whatever you want to say on your own blog.

But this type of statement is just too much. If he is gone, fine. Say he is gone. But if he isn't, don't create speculation. It just looks bad.

I use Pictage. But I also have looked very heavily into SmugMug. I'm really curious to see where they go and what they develop. I've heard nothing but good things about them.

I have only met you once. You seemed incredibly genuine to me. I was impressed. You mentioned at the time that you regretted some of your statements and actions over the last year, and had made a vow to do better this year.

Your statement about Pictage in no way does that. It reeks of throwing them under the bus, and seems quite similar to some of the drama that surrounded you last year. Support SmugMug. I have no problem with that. As a matter of fact, I am anxious to hear more about your experiences with them. But come on, man. There was absolutely no need to bring up Pictage. None.

Take the high road. Support the vendors you believe in. But stop bringing up the bad things. It just doesn't look good. Let it go.

I'm sure I'll be lambasted because I posted this. But I didn't do this to attack you or to say using SmugMug is bad. I did it because I think you have a lot of "yes" people on this forum. People that believe wholeheartedly in every word you say. They won't tell you when you're steering down a touchy path.

So I will.

I hope you understand I don't mean to be hurtful. I just want to be honest with you and tell you I think your entire post is fine -- with the exception of that one sentence.

I wish you lots of happiness and success this year. I really do.

J said...

Hey David,

Have to agree with Dennis on this one! I am stoked you have another project that you are into, but without Pictage and the people there(past or present) I would wonder if you would be where you are today? If what Dennis is saying about Jason is true and you just outed that to the world, then my friend that is just not right.

J Sandifer

PURE Studios said...
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Gary Fong, Author said...

this post was a huge disappointment to me, as I had a higher opinion of DJ. He was a groomsman at my wedding and I used to be so proud to call him my friend.

I will do a blog post to address my feelings on this post.

I have been busy today responding to emails and phone calls of people asking me "what's wrong with DJ". I wish I knew. More and more this type of thing keeps happening, and I'm starting to not be surprised anymore at the decisions that he makes, which is not a good thing.

Gary Fong

Anonymous said...

I’ve really enjoyed working with you over the past couple years, and wish you luck in all your endeavors moving forward.

But I’m really bummed about some of the things you’ve said in this post about Pictage. I guess I expected you to take a more mature business approach to your announcement. As you know, I head up the Community and Marketing team here at Pictage – which includes our nationwide network of professional photographers (a large percentage of which are our mutual friends). And, like a large percentage of employees at Pictage, I am also a professional photographer.

You may not know all of us by name, but we are the same team that built the platform upon which you built your business and reputation. Let me assure you that every day we OBSESS about how we can better serve our community.

Just a few examples…In the last three months Pictage has launched:
- A redesigned Photographer Directory with committed investment to multiple marketing channels to drive photographers more bookings
- Direct integrations with Leather Craftsmen and Zookbinders to compliment our already free album design service
- Professional quality canvas prints for purchase both wholesale and retail
- Color corrected hi-res digital downloads for direct purchase from event sites

And in March comes free slideshow software with a library of licensed music.

During these difficult economic times, Pictage is doing everything possible to help professional photographers build their business. I don’t think you have to say Pictage is a bad product to say that SmugMug will be coming out with a good one.

Thanks for hearing me out….

-Scott Anderson
Senior Marketing Manager, Pictage

6:32 PM

freewise fotography said...

I've been down with smugmug since the beginning...I'm glad to know they will tailor some things towards wedding photogs!

Unknown said...


When we left Pictage a few months ago, we were swept under the rug by them.

Now, I can't even count the number of former members who have approached me and talked about their experience. Or people who have been asked by Pictage to stay "gratis."

Things certainly are a'changin' ... there is no doubt about that.

Brittany Leigh said...

I'm so with ya DJ. If you not a big're nothin to pictage. Smugmug seems awesome! For both business and personal! Great post! Way to tactfully remove yourself from the other guys!

Melissa... said...

Tactfully? I'm sorry Brittany, but what DJ's doing (again) is anything but tactful. Creating libelous and slanderous rumors about an "ex" is as petty as any 10th grade he says, she says nonsense.
It's great, DJ, that you have found another company you believe in and support, another company that helps photographers in building their business. That's one of the purposes of your work, to help photographers build their business, and for those you have helped I'm sure they're more than grateful for the platforms which you have provided.
I find it interesting that you continue to try to mow Pictage down with your big ole' bus. Especially when they refuse to badmouth you, and only ever responded to you with respect on the forums.
Direct quote from Jason on the forums, written only an hour or two ago "Not only do we have a fantastic group of employees here that are killing themselves to do a better job for all of you but I'm not being replaced. I am looking for world class operator to take over day-to-day responsibilities from me but this is my baby and I'm not going anywhere."
I find it especially interesting you do this considering you said all of the amazing you're now saying about SmugMug about Pictage on your forums. Great, ok, we get it. SmugMug offered you more- whether it was a bigger paycheck for your name drop since you don't shoot professionally anymore, or whatever reason you chose to move in that direction. But it leaves some of us wondering, if the next similar company offers you something even shinier will you jump ship, rearrange your priorities and redirect your moral compass so that it's ok to bash SmugMug?
I wish you all the luck in the world, and I hope you find a way to resolve whatever inner struggles you may be enduring. Your actions lately have been confusing to those of you who do know you, and those (like me) who used to or still do look to you as inspirational.

Melissa Carl said...


I thought we were done with these kinds of blog posts? What happened to starting over this year?

The last time you went on a temper tantrum you got such negative feedback from so many people. You even deleted many comments that didn't line up with your story, including mine. Now we
are back here again???

DJ, I was rooting for you from the very beginning. The humble beginning when you strived to be the new POSITIVE leader in this industry.

Now you are putting the name Jesus Christ as your headline, while acting like a person with no morals at all. It makes me so sad.

Why all the soul searching if nothing changes? We are back to this name bashing, door slamming, "kiss my ass" attitude. For the sake of
what? For financial rewards for you from this new sponsor? To stir things up a bit? Are you bored?

This is a poem you wrote not to long ago. Maybe you should take a gander at what it says.

"I've learned so many lessons through my usual route trial and error -then prayer seriously devout!"


What lessons are those? "Seriously devout?" to what?

My issue is more in the fact that you let a company help build you up from nothing and now that deals weren't made to your liking, you are going to burn a bridge that kept you going for so many years.

And not only did they help build your business and introduce you to this industry, but they were your friends!

If you need to move on, that is understandable, but why not go peacefully? Depart with some class.

I expected more from you and I used to believe in your words.

DJ, I am so disappointed in you today.

theshotshot. said...

lol - this is so weird.

i didn't pick up ANYTHING negative about this post at all. as a matter of fact, there's literally only ONE PARAGRAPH about pictage (about 4 sentences) and i didn't think a thing about it until everyone started FREAKKKKKKKKKKING OUT! lol. it's kinda hilarious.

let's break this down, shall we?

"The sad part of this is that I was very involved with Pictage so the "breakup" was painful."

/// ummm, what??? that's fine to say.

"They worked great for me when they first started but year after year I felt that they got more out of date and more expensive for what they were offering and eventually I felt like they crossed a point where I couldn't feel good referring people to them and so I moved on."

/// they worked fine, dj *FELT* they "year after year" they got more out of date, *FELT* they charged more for their service than what it was worth and *FELT* that because of those things (or any other combination of things he *FELT*) that he couldn't *FEEL* good referring people to them. again, i have to what???

"About that same time many people left Pictage who I felt were the ones trying to create positive changes there and I felt like things went downhill fast."

/// there's the *FELT* word again. twice! a group (who cares how many) were leaving pictage and dj perceived.................himself.....................that things were going south.

"One of the last people I know there is their CEO but I just heard that they are looking to replace him in the next few months too so it's a different place now."

/// okay, so here's the ONLY part that MIGHT be need to be addressed, and that's ONLY if the CEO of pictage is NOT being replaced. the question here is "is the CEO being replaced? if so, why would the statement "it's a different place" be wrong? is a company who changes it's CEO not a different place? is the CEO staying on as chairman of the board? WHO CARES? if the CEO is being replaced, even if he's staying on the team, the place is changing. i knew nothing of this, but if it's true - it's true nonetheless.

this just amazes me. all this fuss over those 4 sentences, and only ONE is even questionable - and that's ONLY IF the CEO of pictage is NOT being replaced.............let's say it again, REGARDLESS of whether he's staying on or just "changing roles".


we're questioning integrity over this? we're saying on our own blogs that dj is "far from Godly"?

incredible. integrity indeed. ethics indeed.

let's reread this post. everyone. let's see if we aren't just FLIPPING OUT because we have a relationship with pictage, or have had in the past. anyone looking at this post objectively and ESPECIALLY those who have nothing to do with pictage or any other company like them wouldn't think the FIRST THING about this post.

i'm seriously beside myself about the fuss that's being made.

i don't know what else to say. it's.............astounding.

Bobby Earle said...

Crazy, I had NO clue anything terrible was said either. Not until I saw Gary Fong went and said "come to my blog because I wrote something about David Jay!!!"

Ha! Don't worry, Deej. Pictage will continue to NOT make their photographers happy and the end result will prove you did nothing wrong. Now let's have some serious fun this weekend!!!


freewise fotography said...

McDonald's sucks...the food is bad for you...ooohhh...and in high school I once worked for them...for like 2 months!!!

Wow...this whole thing is just incredible...I think I need to spice up my blog with something about 22 degrees tonite in Florida...we're freezing...there's even pics of some of my freeze burned plants.......

peace everyone...more positive vibes in the future and the ability to ignore negative ones!!!

-Matt said...

In all honesty, I thought long & hard about this post before deciding to commit to an answer. Here's my answer - I think people (DR, GF, etc) are confusing "DJ said something he shouldn't have, ie. anything Pictage-negative" for "DJ lied" (which he didn't, as far as I can tell).

I think the entire Pictage paragraph is inappropriate FOR THIS TOPIC about smugmug and how great it is for DJ to be the artist-in-residence for weddings. That all has nothing to do with Pictage and I think if DJ had an editor, he'd have left that one on the cutting room floor.

However, don't confused "DJ said something he probably shouldn't have" with "DJ lied" - because again, where's the lie? Point it out, word for word. Read what is there without reading into it your own thoughts.

Ginger Murray said...

While I understand some people's disappointment in the post, I feel that certain people should address you personally instead of publicly. Especially if their problem happens to be about you addressing something publicly.

I'm not referring to Scott, who I feel deserved to post and responded very well.

karenjane31 said...

DJ, I'm gonna have to agree with Wiljax. He said it best. He doesn't mean to offend you or insult you. You have a lot of "yes" people here on your site. They will never tell you or call you out when you say or do things that lead you down a dark path. The people in my life that I value most are the ones that REALLY look out for my best interest. The ones that keep me accountable. The ones that keep me humble. You're not a bad guy DJ. But I think this was just a bad call on your part. To say that Pictage was going towards a direction you didn't like is unjust and uncalled for.

Till this day, I still wonder to myself when you will realize how much Pictage stood by your side, supported you, and only spoke highly of you. They've never once felt the need to add or reply to your accusations because they are bigger than that. You're still young and have a lot to learn. Learn from the wise and experience such as Denis and Gary.

Ginger Murray said...

Some of us don't have to do it publicly.

Bobby Earle said...

DJ, I swear... you did NOTHING wrong!!! Now please... don't hurt me!

Ha! Yeah like we're afraid to tell DJ he's wrong. If that were the case, most people just wouldn't write ANYTHING. Some of you are acting like DJ is Stalin and people are willing to lie for him :P

The only people that even thought about Pictage in this post are Pictage people. I didn't remember Pictage until Gary the Christian slayer said something about it. No one really cares about this - so let's have some fun this weekend!!!

Again Deej, CONGRATS ON SMUGMUG!!! Can't wait to see when this thing kicks off!!!

MattDJ said...

Ginger, there are several (who I personally respect and deeply admire) who have left comments here that I believe are correct in doing so as they have a vested interest in Pictage, and it's success as a company. I would have done the same in their shoes and have no issues with the open dialogue as this is where it started. I think it's great that Pictage and now Smugmug are doing everything in their power to better this industry. We all win.

At the same time, DJ has every right to speak his mind on his own blog. What troubles me, and perhaps it has personally come to a head with this blog post and comments left by others, is the issue of Christianity and how DJ's testimony is supposedly damaged with "the latest".

Many people who frequent DJ's blog and forum claim to be Christ-followers, or "Christians". To you, I hope that some of the comments left here broke your heart as much as they did mine. Like so many here, I have had the privilege of knowing DJ on a more personal level than simply reading some guy's blog post. DJ genuinely and literally concerns himself in investing into other people's lives. Those that know him can all agree on that. Does he make mistakes? Of course. But you know, I wonder how many people I'd be disappointing if I had the platform he's been blessed with. Scary thought to consider. This is exactly why Christians admit their failure to "meet the mark" and their need for forgiveness. For a Saviour.

Denis Reggie said...

1. Trashing the company that nearly single-handedly built one's fame for seemingly self-serving purpose (as he pitches his new sponsor's upcomingservice in the very same pitch/post)... My read?: dumb, naive, inappropriate, poor taste, but not why I posted my remarks on his blog (after first placing a call to him to discuss it privately... left message, never heard back).

2. The idea of a person who no longer shoots weddings professionally promoting a service/solution that does not yet exist, suggesting that current users of the leading pro service (which he used very successfully while building his photography business back when he shot weddings, becoming famous through their promotions of him, etc.) jump ship now and start using his sponsor's consumer service... well, I see that as lame at best, but still not the reason I posted my thoughts.

3. Saying that Jason is being replaced as CEO ("they are looking to replace..." - which I read as his suggestion of some sort of board action against Jason!!!) on a publicly read forum crosses the line for me.... inaccurate and suggestive of some negative financial status at Pictage when nothing could be farther from the truth. Any notion of Jason moving away from day-to-day management to become chairman of the board is Jason's idea and plan to further build a highly successful company... and that's where DJ crossed the line of fairness and sent out a twisted, false innuendo for self-serving reason.

This incident, as I see it, is roughly akin to someone "shorting" a stock of a company that he used to work for as a spokesperson, no less, obtaining stock options in a new competitive company, then going out in public and claiming that his previous firm is a sinking ship... having to even "replace its captain" presumably because he is incapable of saving it...

Well, what a self-serving lie... a real crock, DJ.

I am no lawyer, but I believe that DJ would find himself in a heap of legal trouble in the SEC shorting scenario ... into jail, I might assume. In the real world of photography, we'll have to see how it all plays out... I think many, like me, now see his post for what it certainly is not: DJ's finest hour.

And that's where DJ's post ran just too far away from being either sound or acceptable to me, a person who knows Pictage and Jason pretty well... and, I thought, DJ It's why I am calling him out for having crossed the line.

I hope this clearifies my stance on this sad situation. .

Denis Reggie

Denis Reggie said...

One last thought...

adding into the mix of DJ's nasty, self-serving post is, for me, his public self-alignment with Jesus Christ... you know, his whole "I am blessed" message.

Reading DJ's post in that context... well, it kind of makes me want to puke to be honest.

Ginger Murray said...

Open dialogue turned into personal bashing, all over what is even possible misinterpretation. Yes, it does break my heart. I agree that some statements are called for, BUT many statements are uncalled for. You don't call a person out for allegedly badmouthing a company but then turn around and start badmouthing that person.

Is there anyone who CAN'T see how such behavior is not beneficial to anyone?

There are better ways to say things... in all cases.

Yes, all breaks my heart, Matt.

#2, Denis... I don't know why someone who is promoting ideas of "here's an easier way to do business" needs to shoot weddings. He put in his time. It's not like he put in only a year. Who has time to shoot when he is running other businesses that are helping photographers?

Defamatory remarks are being made from all angles. They need to stop. They are not making anyone look all that great.

Darrell Duggan said... actually have phone and personal access to them? That is THE major reason I did not even try them. I want someone I can get on the phone if necessary. albeit very rarely.

Darrell Duggan said... for those critical of you posting least one has alienated probably hundreds (maybe more)of photographers who will go out of their way to NOT buy any more of his products. The other I respect very much, but probably has no clue what "P" has done to others because he is, no doubt, getting superior personal service. Just tell the truth, no one can deny that. they will argue because, well, that is what they do.

MA said...

"they are looking to replace..." - which I read as his suggestion of some sort of board action against Jason!!!"

So yes, basically what you're saying is what I said was exactly right. And here, I thought we disagreed.

"I think people are confusing "DJ said something he shouldn't have, ie. anything Pictage-negative" for "DJ lied" (which he didn't, as far as I can tell)."

I think to "openly bash" your friend DJ right back for saying he "openly bashed Pictage" is just as sophomoric.

Anyhoo, I think I'm done arguing against pixels on a computer screen for today. OH NO! SOMEONE ON THE INTERNET IS WRONG!!!

Unknown said...

Hey dj I found out about smugmug right here on your awesome blog. There wasn't anything bad said about pictage in your post so dont sweat it dude. The only 2 people crying here is Denis Reggie and Gary Fong. And the only thing they are trying to do is get people to there blogs. What did Gary Fong say I will do a blog post to address my feelings on this post.
Don't let this up set you,you are still the man!
By the way SMUGMUG ROCKS! Thanks for sharing.

Chris Croy said...

Geez - what an overeaction! While some protocol and tact might go into DJ's experience jar - this was no biggie. Gary, Missy and Denis are married to Pictage so there hyper reactions are a bit transparent. I'm no rockstar photographer but connected around the US no less and Pictage perceived problems are snowballing a bit. Most of us don't care who the CEO is - just service, accessibility and cost are what matters!

Tim Ray said...

Gary has blocked me from posting on his blog, and has removed my last post.

It appears that money is more important than friendships anymore. My point in my post that was deleted was that DJ voicing his concerns about Pictage isn't the same as the personal attacks against DJ, even bringing his faith into it. Because DJ was just voicing his concerns about a company, but the attacks against DJ were against him personally.

Anyway, DJ keep your head up high. You still have people who respect and admire you.

Gary Fong, Author said...

Tim Ray - I've blocked you multiple times because you keep saying you're leaving and never coming back.

Money has nothing to do with why I posted what I did - I am not involved with Pictage management. I wouldn't bring faith into it if DJ didn't write a poem saying this was going to be a new year for him.

Hey I cared about DJ a lot - was his biggest fan. We had dinner not so long ago and kept everything light and happy. But he is just a huge disappointment to me.

Where do you bring "money" into the discussion? I don't get it.

And Tim, you've been trying to 'friend' me on facebook, trying to get back into my blog, and I'm going to be polite and tell you - you are not welcome. Please stay outside - thank you.


Unknown said...

Why even mention a past relationship with Pictage? How is that at all important to anybody else. The mere fact that you had to mention it, as if to make yourself better about "leaving", makes me sick.

I don't see anything wrong with you exploring your options, but the fact that you had to bring your readers into a past relationship with Pictage just confirms my assumption that you are nothing but a pompous and vengeful person.

Darrell Duggan said...

Geezummm Gary. You have just shot yourself in the foot.

To be such a successful person and now this. I do not think you realize what you have done. It is painfully obvious you do not care.

I admire all you have accomplished and done for photographers in general.

I have supported you and your products, but this is pretty bad.

It is clear you do not really care positively, unless it directly feeds your bottom-line. This blog entry does not, so your anger shows really, really badly.

Tim Ray said...

Gary, I only said that I was going to leave your blog one time and that I would be back when you posted positive things again.

My point is that you have attacked DJ's ethics. The problem is that you did this on your public site, you could have just called and discussed it with him. To do this on a public site demeans him, and is unfair. All he did was voice his concerns about a company, and I have had the same concerns with Pictage. I just found it ironic that you posted such a negative post about DJ, because you were concerned that he posted a negative post about Pictage.

Dew Imagery said...

I'm not a religious man David- but you are going to hell. You are the most manipulative immature person I have ever heard of. You and your rock-star want-to-be posers are going down with you as well.

Unknown said...

Sorry to interrupt ... I didn't realize I'd stepped into a middle school. Sorry. Party on.

MattDJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bobby Earle said...

WOW. Gary talks bad about DJ accusing him of deleting posts. I'm no longer allowed to post on his blog.

Gary. Censorship? Wow.

wedding-photography said...

dj...could you confirm if SmugMug develeoping this feature:
Add to favorites and then be able to send the favorites list to photographer for album design!

Jabez photography...

Company who listen to photographers feedback and do something about it!

|| davidjay || said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone...and yea John that's a great feature and they've got that one coming. We just talked about it when they were here in SB last week.

Rock on,

Foto Expression said...

Wow, blog war..... getting serious hey...
btw, I am from Australia. Obviously i know nothing about pictage and smugmug of what they offer before this post. I know no one here at all...In other words, I am a neutral blog reader.

Well, I thought I would like to share my opinion about this to give DJ support on this matter.

I thought giving some facts about ex partner, it's not really something new.... For example, Footballer (Soccer I mean) quite often does it after leaving the club. here is the example

Yes, it may give ill feeling to the previous club's fans... well, but nothing wrong with it.. If you are a loyal fans, you wouldn't just switch your loyalty to different club because of what other people says, right???

Personally, If DJ were my friend or especially my groomsman, I wouldn't advise harshly in public for something he may have done wrong here. I would share my thought privately and not trying to influence others to do otherwise. So my personal opinion about this war has definitely got something more than just what he says here.

But one thing it really annoys me.. why Christianity is brought into this discussion.... For DJ, it's a bless to have a job what he got... sooo I say it's nothing wrong with it..this is his blog right????... christian people is still human and not as holy as others.

Well, I hope what I said it doesn't cause more damage to it has already had here...


Mrs. Benton said...

DJ know you are loved, if you ever need anything just let me know. I hope that with putting Pictage out of the picture that all of you guys can be friends again one day. All of you have such great hearts and great minds. It would be sad to see them not working together, if even just for friendship.


Luke said...

I thought you were re-inventing yourself this year, DJ?

I've gotta say, I thought that would mean the end of defamation in these here parts!

Then again, I share Denis' view that your changing loyalties needn't hold much sway in the real world ... when you get so big you lose your first love (i.e. actually shooting), you start to lose your ability to understand and serve photographers, and you lose street cred too.

I hope this post is a relapse you will correct and move on from.

Lucia Photography said...

I been with smugmug since August and I love them...they make my life so much easier. :)

Steve Newman said...

Agreed pictage is overpriced and smugmug is a better solution.

Jenae said...

this is like high school..

Unknown said...

I didn't read all the comments, but enough feel sad. Sad that people base their friendship with others on whether they prefer to do business with one company over another. Sad that people can't make factual statements on their blog without being ridiculed. Are we in China?

Two summer ago I was in Greece and spent about $300 calling Pictage (in the middle of the night) trying to figure out what happened to an event I sent in via DVD. After several calls, a pissed off bride and a huge cell bill I finally got a hold of the right person who found the DVD on her desk. I would have switched in a heart beat but I couldn't find a company to sufficiently replace them. A strong competitor might be good for Pictage.

Tim Ray said...

Gary posted here that I have attempted to add him as a friend on Facebook, which is true. What Gary didn't post is that He tried to add me as a facebook friend first, back on 8/29/08, when I wasn't into Facebook yet. I still have the email that was sent to me, thank goodness for Gmail. I have never done anything to Gary, but question his controversial posts about Christianity, and now this post about DJ.

He accuses you DJ of deleting comments, and then he blocks us who have an opposing view to his own, another irony:)


Rock On!!!!

Maybe I'll post my disappointment with Gary on my blog;) said...

I'm going to focus on my love of photography!

Jen Kroll said...

DJ - If you delete this comment, I seriously won't be offended at all. But I wanted you to read it. This is what I posted on Gary's site.

I had dinner with David in September 2007. That was 16 months ago.

During that conversation I expressed complaints about Pictage... mostly relating to quality. He did nothing but sing their praises and how it's an effortless way to generate a passive income. He also suggested that I contact my account representative and that they would take care of any problem I had. He would have had no incentive to lie to me as it was just us and another friend, who was completely removed from the wedding industry.

Ten months later, he starts "planning" for the future of the industry by partnering with SmugMug, stating that, "[Pictage] worked great for me when they first started but year after year I felt that they got more out of date and more expensive for what they were offering and eventually I felt like they crossed a point where I couldn't feel good referring people to them and so I moved on."

I find it hard to believe that that kind of a mindset could change in 10 months, unless he was lying to me in the first place. But keep in mind, he was speaking on behalf of Pictage as recently as WPPI '08... last March (perhaps even later than that). Still singing their praises. If he started working with SmugMug 6 months ago, that means the relationship started in August. So now we're down to a complete mental shift in 5 months.

The man has a hefty California mortgage to pay and is not an active photographer. If another company comes along offering a larger endorsement and an offer to feature ONLY him as their "Artist in Residence for Wedding Photography" when he's buried in the sea of the insane talent Pictage endorses, he'd be a fool not to switch. That's just a smart business move. And keep in mind, this is a man who is driven by success and influence. The immaturity comes when he decides to bash Pictage in the process and make Pictage clients question their business alliances. Or maybe that's part of what SmugMug is paying him to do.

This is not the first time this has happened. If you go back far enough in his blog, he did the same thing with Bludomain right before he launched his website platform. He capitalized on a weak moment when one of their servers crashed. That's not human error. That stuff happens. But he wasted no time bashing Bludomain while promoting his up and coming product -- the future of websites.

The last point I'll make is more of a personal one. David made a public statement about me on his blog, and while he did not mention me by name, it would have been much more mature to confront me in person -- after all, I was right there. What I did was not malicious nor did I have any ill feelings toward him. Actually, I had no idea I had hurt him until I saw it on his blog. I sent a sincere note of apology. Twice. While chatting with another who was on the bus, I asked him to pass along my apology in case he didn't see it in the stack of emails he receives. My friend's response was, "Oh no, he saw it and he was definitely talking about you. Everyone on the bus knows about it." And yet, no response back to me on my apology. A mark of maturity would be to invest that energy resolving it with me, rather than dwelling on it and slandering my name on a bus with a group of people who don't know me.

I still have no ill feelings towards the man. I think he is growing up in a rather public spotlight. While I no longer have contact with him, as recently as a couple weeks ago, I recommended to a mutual friend that he get back in touch with David because I thought he might need a good, solid friend with everything he's going through. Ego can be a hard thing for a man to get a hold of, especially when there are thousands worshipping everything you say. I don't envy his position at all. Being on a superhuman platform has got to be exhausting and lonely...falling at some point is inevitable.

Where I disagree with Gary is on the point about him being a Godly man. Christians are nothing more than people who realize that they screw up and hurt others. Godly is just another word that places him on a pedestal. He's a broken human who makes mistakes. We all are. God comes in when we decide what to do with those mistakes.
"The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians, who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, and walk out the door and deny him with their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable." - Brennan Manning

OH, and I am currently a very satisfied Pictage client who will celebrate 6 years of an unbroken business relationship this October. DJ was right, my account representative did resolve all my issues -- most of which were my fault. And I generate an extremely healthy passive income every month. I am also a very satisfied Bludomain client of almost 5 years -- back when the websites were expensive and no one had them. I'm not endorsed by either. Maybe I don't expect perfection from others when I know I'm not there myself.

Sheryl Renee said...

Quotations from another blog....
"I know that many of you have tried to comment on DJ's blog, and they get promptly removed. If this has happened to you you can put your comment here." Well, my comment (Which is the above statement) as well as the comment after my comment both got deleted from that blog : ) Which, there is Nothing wrong with deleting comments, we all have the right to do what we wish with our own blogs.

But, why should someone point out what someone else is doing when they are doing the same thing??

Below is my Deleted Comment from another blog... (Please note, the questions are not directed to DJ, this is the exact comment originally posted on another blog)

In short....
1. Why criticize and question a man's faith who has put his trust in Jesus Christ, our LORD and Savior?
It is written in Romans 3:38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, 39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

2. Who of us is perfect? Seriously.
It is written in John 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

2. Is the postcard photo of the bus and lake necessary?
It is written in Ephesians 4:31 Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:

3. What should be the solution here?
It is written in Ephesians 4:32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.

Let us remember that it is also written in Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

All of this? bashing names, inappropriate images, over someone changing labs/picture hosting and sharing with others they've made change?? Is it really worth loosing the friendship you guys once had?

I have listened to both of you speak and appreciate the knowledge that you both shared in your seminars as well as outside of your seminars. I hope forgiveness is given and received on both parts and the friendship is restored. : )

If one is reading this is not a believer in Jesus Christ as our Savior, the Bible as God's Holy word, then please continue to read some more scriptures : )

The Bible is God's truth. Consistent expository teaching and application of what God has said in His Word is a must.

1 Timothy 3:16-17 And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.

Hebrew 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

1 John 1:8-10 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.

Ephesians 4:30 And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.

Ephesians 1:4-6 For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight, in love He predestined us to be adopted as His sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, which He has freely given us in the One He loves
Actually, read Ephesians 1:3-8....

Ecclesiastes 3:14 I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him.

2 Corinthians 7:1-4 Read this one too.. (If anyone is with out a Bible you can always google scripture.)

Please forgive me if there are any typos in my spelling. : )

May God's love, mercy and forgiveness be upon us all...

P.S Hebrews 4:12 is right!!
The Word of God is sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Don Bryant said...

Good reason not to place your hope in another human being and raise others up to high. The fall is usually pretty hard. DJ I held you in high regard and thought of you as a rock star of sorts. I wouldn't walk on too many people climbing the ladder to success. You'll be seeing these same people on they way down. Pictage has always been good to me and I wouldn't be where I am today without them. When I read your post regarding Jason I was shocked. I called my account rep as I was a concerned with the comments you made. I'm happy to heard that Jason is NOT leaving Pictage. I'm just disappointed and shocked at the unprofessionalism of your comments.

Travis Johansen said...

DJ, I haven't been a big follower of your work- but I have seen it all over Pictage (in the past). I realize we all make mistakes, and we all do things we later regret.
I have to ask you this: do you regret what you said about the Pictage CEO?
My second point: this is definitely a dark hour/day for the wedding photography industry. When we have some of the most famous photographers/business entrepreneurs insulting each other- what message does that send to other "up and coming" photographers?
PLEASE RESPOND (when you get a chance ;)

Philippians 3:14