Saturday, November 22, 2008

I have a new phone number

Just letting everyone know that I changed my phone number. I changed it a couple of weeks ago but had to get another "new number" because the last number had a lot of people calling it looking for somebody else.

Just wanted to let you know that these are my old numbers and are no longer active.


I'm off to watch Westmont in the first round of the national tournament. This is their first trip back since I was there *spoken in a very prideful tone* ;P

...but you have to read this article in the LA Times about their win vs. Azusa last week. I cried when I read it - seriously. My coach (and his family with 5 kids) had their house burn to the ground in the fire and the two days later they played this match!

Click here to read it!


Tira J said...

Hi DJ. It is a great day for Westmont, because they deserved to win after what their coach went through. I work your coaches brother Phil at APU, and also go to church with his family. The entire Wolf family is amazing. We are still a little sad that APU did not go on to the national championships. Rock On!

Brad Person said...

Congrats on the big Westmont overtime win yesterday, DJ !!! Go get your hands on a 400mm and bring your Mark III to the next game and get us some pics!!!

Ginger Murray said...

Beautiful. They deserved that after losing so much. At least they have each other to encourage one another. So awesome... Must have been a great game.

Tim Halberg said...

just as I'm about to call you and ask you on a date and you change your number.... soooooo heart broken ;-)