Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Let's Chat!

Today at 4pm (pacific time) Pictage is hosting one of their "Ask and Learn" Wednesday's so join me over there in a couple of hours!

Instead of "Creating Freedom" let's talk about Life, Love and Spooning.

See you soon!


faithsalutes said...

Spooning? good Lord Deej. You are like Care Bear stuck in a man's body. We need to get you a woman. Stat.

Kevin Von Qualen said...

haha, Spooning?? :)

miss ya buddy


JEn GRigg said...

Sooooo, what are we talking about? I like carebears and spooning!

Great work at WPPI BTW, Mr. Jay

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Spooning leads to loving which leads to the creation of new life which...uh...takes away all your freedom. LOL

Okay, so if you want freedom...don't do no spoonin'...unless it's ice cream.

Mike Larson said...

you are always a blessing to everyone, you will never know your ripple effects until you reach heaven. may the glory go up above...

Rachel's Blog said...

I agree.... You are such an incredible inspiration to everyone. It's amazing to see such a talented man be so humble, and willing to help everyone. You have such a great head on your shoulders, especially at your age. I recently joined OSP after my friend Becker speaking so highly of it, so it's nice to get inspired daily by you. :] Glad you feel blessed by everyone else, but know you are a blessing to each of us and I'm sure by more than you know.

and hmmmm.... spooning. love spooning. :]

God bless!!