Friday, April 20, 2007

Always inspired!

I'm always inspired when I go to Scott Robert's blog. I've seen very few photographers who can capture emotion the way he does and as we all know EMOTIONS are EVERYTHING!

Check him out!

He does some stellar post processing too which you can learn about at his workshops and I just saw that he's gonna be in Paris right after I'm there in July! So cool! Paris is so amazing!


Toronto Wedding&Portrait Photographer, Andreas. said...

Yep, he has some nice work for sure. This is what I always look for. The emotions, the expressions, little glances that the couple give to each other..these are the shots I wait for - you can see them here:
and read my rant on shoot and burn/dodgy photographers here:

Ryan Smeets said...

J'taime Paris. But Barcelona is the best...make it happen in Spain. Por favor.

Ingrid Joy said...

Yup, Scott's not only amazing at capturing emotions, he's also great at creating emotions at stoic Asian weddings.

erwinwijanto photography said...

One of my favorite blog that I always visited... Great to see you put his link on your site :)

Teresa Wagner said...

oh my god, DJ you r right, he is amazing!