Friday, April 06, 2007


Yea! Next week I'm going to Switzerland! I am so excited. I just booked my flight and I'm leaving a day earlier than I planned because I've never been to Switzerland before and it looks beautiful!

I will spend a couple of days there and then go over to Lyon, France where the Planche Contact workshop is.

Lyon looks pretty cool too so I'll spend a couple of days there after the workshop and I'm mostly gonna be taking lots of pictures for the intro to my new website so I'll be sure to post them up!

I will also be responding to lots of emails on the flight. I'm so encouraged by all the relationships, both personal and professional, that have come into my life over the past year and I really want to do a better job of keeping in touch with all of you.


Shyla said...
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Shyla said...

Yay for you DJ!!! you're a traveling fiend!
... I am jealous. :P

david bornais said...

Hi DJ, I'm so happy because I'll go to the workshop to Lyon.
Switzerland, you'll see, marvelous ;-)
David from France

Paige Kearin said...

Have fun!

Regis said...

Hey DJ, who is the lucky girl that gets to travel with you on this trip?

... and more importantly, when will it be a lucky guy's turn to travel with you :)

rmcphoto said...

I was in Lucerne, Switzerland about 12 years ago. It was so beautiful. We were there in July. I remember it being incredibly hot when we were out on Lake Lucerne and then we went up into the mountains and threw snowballs at each other.

Sarah Barlow said...

Oh MAN!! I'm so bummed I'm not going to be able to get that job as the "email answerer" since your going to actually get caught up:( LOL ;)
Wow! Switzerland looks gorgeous! Have an amazing time!

J said...

Have a great time my friend...the last time I was in Switzerland it was filled with such amazing people and beauty! If you get a chance check out the Jungfrau region. You will not be disappointed. France is fun too...Avignon is a cool place!
Have Fun

ron said...

Have an awesome time DJ!

|| davidjay || said...

Regis - going solo this time....although I count myself as the lucky one when I get to travel with someone.


Emmanuel Speciale said...

Welcome in my contry guy !

Melissa Carl said...

You suck. I want to go there!!!!

Daniel Zihlmann Photography said...


When you visit Switzerland give me a call and I will show you the castle you posted in your blog (Chateau de Chillon, I know it well)! And I will show you some other nice spots too :) I will be your private guide. I'm experienced, I have already done this for a lot of friends and family from overseas.

I live in Switzerland, in Berne, the capital. I'm a photographer and just started my own business this year with the help of your blog, Showit Web and a lot of other stuff I find in the internet and your forum about wedding photojournalism (Simple Photo Minute, GaryFong, becker, Jessica Claire etc.) I learned so much and I want to give something back.

Don't hesitate, just check my website at for my phone number and give me a call. I'm looking forward to show you something of my lovely country!

Kind regards,