Saturday, April 21, 2007

Knowledge Network and Compassion

We all go through so many milestones in our lives and a huge milestone that most of us have gone through is starting our own businesses. The excitement, anxiety, sadness, joy, possibly even pain and fear that this process has brought us has the ability to change us and what a blessing and sometimes a burden it is to share these emotions with one another.

As OSP continues to grow (we just passed the 4000 members mark) Let's be sure to take time to remind one another of our roots and encourage each other to always think of OSP as a place where we come to help others.

OSP was built as a way to help people get the information that they needed and it eventually became a community of friends who share their lives with each other. Of course there will be times when we disagree and then we fight and bicker with one another and what's nice is to watch as those little quarrels pass and people forgive each other and we continue growing together.

This post isn't about anything specific...simply a reminder of how wonderful this place is. We talk a lot about the first two things that go into what Tim Sanders defines as a "Lovecat" which are sharing our knowledge and sharing our network so let's be sure to spend some time focusing on the third which is sharing compassion with everyone around us.

Support, encouragement, love, and compassion are things that everyone can give no matter if you've been in the industry for 10 years or 10 days.

I love you all and thank you for making this industry a better place!



Katherine said...

I needed to read that! Thanks!


Michael J Charles said...

Ok, time for a group hug...bring it on in!