Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Denver, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

Me and Brett had a short layover in denver and I really like Denver. People here in Colorado are really nice...they remind me of the people in Switzerland.

We are headed to Cancun where we'll meet up with Kevin Swan if he's able to get out of Texas. There have been bad storms and lots of delayed and cancelled flights.

I'm really excited for this wedding. It's a couple from NY who I've never met but they seem wonderful and are going to have an amazing wedding!

Everyone is staying at the barcelo resort which is an all inclusive resort down there and I've never stayed at a place like that.

I also changed my plans a little bit to come home for a day inbetween this wedding and my wedding in palm springs so I can repack and get everything I need for Chicago as well.

Rock on!



Daniel J. Watkins said...

admit're just going home for your monthly date with the razor...

Jenna & Matt Walker said...

we love it here in denver too! travel safe and have a riot in mexico!

Melissa Rich said... were in Denver and didn't call? :) Viva Mexico...have FUN!