Monday, February 26, 2007

Jets look cool

My friend Ashley sent me some pictures from her ski trip and they got me so excited to go skiing. (today is our first day and I got a new ski suit so that's fun) She works with a guy who owns a bunch of hotels and so they flew on their private jet which is totally crazy.

I've never flown on a private jet but my buddy Deyl just got to fly around on one because he buys and sells hotels and shopping centers...and his company just bought 100 million dollars worth of shopping centers. Insane.

Ashley also saw this quote of mine stuck to a board at the college that I dropped out of so she took a picture of it and sent it to funny...I never liked to say "I photographed..." because I thought it sounded funny and that's what the Brooks students said and it just sounded kinda stuffy and proper so I always said "I shot..." I'm glad to hear that my memory and contribution lives on at that school. :)


Raya Carlisle said...
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Raya Carlisle said...

My first photography teacher would not allow us to use the words "I shot" because it sounded violence. That's Santa Cruz for you.

Adam R. Owens said...

I always use that word. "I shot Brooke & Jakes Wedding" It does sound a bit better that photographed.

Deyl said...

my photo teacher on Semester at Sea insisted on us saying "made images." thats even weirder to say

DD Airlines... i love it! look out branson :)

|| davidjay || said...

Yea baby! Branson is old news! DD will dominate!

Natalie Joy said... are you going to fit that ski suit in your backpack??
:) lol

|| davidjay || said...
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