Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I made it to atlanta! Yea! There was a crazy rain storm earlier today but I just missed it so that was good.

Denis Reggie is the best host ever and he lets me stay in this back house that he calls the carriage house. This place is like a compound with so many cool things.

He just put in a new putting green right behind the house which has this high teck drainage system so even when it dumps rain like it did today it doesn't fill up at all.

I guess it uses perfectly round pieces of sand so they can't compact and clog like normal sand would do. Isn't that wild. I wonder who sifts through and finds the round sand. That'd be a tough job.

Now we're off to dinner with the LaCour folks!



Deyl said...

i hereby declare that i never want to be a sand sifter

Jeff said...

I second that! No sand-sifting for me :)

JeffersonTodd said...

Fun stuff! I drove out of LA today before that storm hit as well.

Oh, tell Mark from LaCour that JT says hi!

Joe Barlow, a pastor, 10th of 14 kids, father of 7, husband of one beautiful wife said...

I heard somewhere* that a common trait of great contributors to society was a high tolerance for boredom. However, if I had to do that job I'd probably invent a machine that could take my place quickly!

*(I think it was Peter Daniels. http://www.peterdanielsonline.com/).
(DJ, you'd love this guy. His thoughts may take you to the next level.)

Jim Davis Hicks said...


pass on my appreciation to Denis and Andrew and Rachel for offering their time at the WPPI Mentor Benefit Auction! It's gonna rock!

thank you too!